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The upgrade of the servers are complete, and so far nothing has gone wrong. So as it stands, Cupcake and Buttcake are up
Hello all, its been quite a while since the last update but with this delay there has been quite a few internal things c

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My Boyfriend is a Werewolf (Synopsis)

In 2030 the world has reached 9 billion people become a very crowded and civilization's stability is teetering on the edge of that magic number of 10 billion where the earth cannot support the resources every human needs to survive. The supernatural community has now faced a serious decision to m...
by OmuYasha · 6 hours ago

News series again...

Okay, so, here it is. Celebrating my years of creating series, I decided to celebrate myself for this. This new series contains all animal memes, like grumpy cat, Nyan cat, doge, Gabe the dog, etc. Anyway, back to what I was saying, my new series has something to do with memes now. But I'm trying...
by Lioness Lee · 10 hours ago


staying up until something am again.
by Lioness Lee · 18 hours ago

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Karpish (reference coming soon)

Nonbinary · Magicabbit · Asexual · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Karp
My fursona- a genderless Cabbit who thinks they might also be a magikarp.
by Tweek · 3 hours ago


by Stirling_The_Corgi · 5 hours ago


by Stirling_The_Corgi · 5 hours ago

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Internet Mascot Heaven

We miss you, Internet mascots.
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Share Some Bad Ass Music

Music, Sharing, Sharingiscaring,
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