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As a quick update user stickers are almost complete and should be released in the next few days.But as for this post, wh





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Night thoughts - 11. - because Y knot

Night thoughts - 11. - because Y knot Life... In life... You can have anything you want, once For most... for now... ---Thanks for reading--- ---Always---
by Jiblits · 8 hours ago

Journal for journals sake

Hiya! just a journal with the same old - being tired so don't draw, and then I finally got inspired and my tablet driver keeps crapping out on me. just error messages galore, next step is a complete wipe and re-installation - but that requires effort. Doc going to take me off my month of sick le...
by Morisith · 9 hours ago
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Woops! Didn't realise I'd gotten to the end of the queue. ..more panels to the queue! Only halfway through this story and still got 60panels of the next one to go. We'll get there! Cheers for the peeps who are following/watching and such.
by Lulu Amore · 23 hours ago

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£5 ($6.50) Reference sheets! £2 headshots!

Cheap art! Please Help me pay the rent!
by lupeyroo · 3 days ago

Holding an Art Raffle on my FurAffinity account~

Hey there, for anyone who has a FurAffinity account as well and would like some free art, I've got a raffle up on my account. ^^ Just gotta drop me a watch and enter on the journal entry (remember to read the journal first!) {https://www.furaffinity.n...
by Phoenix-of-Starlight · 4 days ago

Streaming again {}
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago

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Traditional Portrait Drawing for purchase

A Portrait drawing of your fursona(s) done in landscape. Fully colored, lined, and laminated. A nice paper backing will be included to accent your drawing! Base Price of $25.00, and an extra $15.00 p
by Pivotal Paws · 1 day ago

Cartoony Doodle for purchase

Scribbly, and stylized!
by Saucy's Arts and Stuff · 4 days ago

Line Art for purchase

Available as a portrait, half body, and full body! Will be sent with a transparent background if requested, for all your coloring needs! Portrait - $5 Half Body - $7 Full Body - $10
by Arise005 Commissions · 5 days ago



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Jordan Panda

by Terrywalrus · 14 hours ago

Polar Bear

by Terrywalrus · 14 hours ago


by Lulu Amore · 23 hours ago

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Saucy's Arts and Stuff

Hello I draw things!
4 days ago

Deer Art Shop

1 week ago