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Hiyo! Welcome me to Furrific, yet another place to upload ALL the things.. which is gonna take a while, but ah well. So yeah. Heyo. I'm Lulu, I have a comic that's mostly done as single panel images. Currently I've got one and a bit completed with another two ideas to go. So far the first comic w...
by Lulu Amore · 22 minutes ago
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favourite content

what would you want me to draw the most? what do you like about my art the most? is it the furries, the painting, the colours? what do you like least? do you want to see more porn or more SFW stuff from me? i really wish i could earn some little money since i have so much time drawing ,yeh, that'...
by minzer · 16 hours ago

Geek pride day

Seems today is geek pride day so happy geeks day to all the geeks out there (Now is when I want a piece of Nyrreah with a towel...)
by Nyrreah · 1 day ago

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Commissions Open

(Making this a journal so it'll show up in Dealer's Den!)
by lazylogic · 22 hours ago

Updated Sketch Commission Prices!

Hello, everyone! As you may have seen on my Twitter, I have run into an issue where I am working A LOT and not making ends meet. I did a lot of math, averaging, timing myself, more math, comparing my prices to other artists' of similar style/quality, MORE MATH... and uh... more math. It's a goo...
by CatInYourCloset · 1 day ago

Commissions Are Open <3

I do cheap drawings of your characters <3
by Sickn3ss.X · 2 days ago

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Less than 500 words for purchase

A story less than 500 words.
by Kre's Writing Emporium · 1 day ago

Cute Button for purchase

Cute little button that is perfect for use as an avatar or character icon!
by Illustrations by lupeyroo · 2 weeks ago

Full Color for purchase

A full-color image!
by Commissions by Guts · 3 weeks ago



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Robin Hood

by affie-beck-lauder · 1 day ago

Maid Marian

by affie-beck-lauder · 1 day ago

Kane Stone

by MrSoucho · 1 day ago

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Kre's Writing Emporium

Ugh! The pencil broke!
1 day ago

Gryphons Emporium

All Gryphons, All The Time
3 days ago

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