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Time for another update, if you haven't seen our Twitter yet, we will be updating that more frequently then we will post
We have updated our Twitter to keep you more up to date with smaller updates, we also posted the first mockup of Furiffi





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馃尡Welp, Flight Rising. Started playing again

Welp, looks like I started playing [url=https://flightrising
by Uluri18 hours ago

No uploads this week...

I apologise for this
by K鈭咺 Fennec1 day ago

Welcome to my patreon

Hi guys! If you'd like to see more stuffs from me you can visit my Patreon!
by Trioza1 day ago

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Commissions open: 4 sketch slots remain!

Please swing by to check out the status of my commissions![lb] Someone bought a sketch slot, but there are still four more![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious1 day ago


鈥硷笍MY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN鈥硷笍 Do keep in mind it鈥檚 SKETCHES ONLY! They鈥檙e most likely quick for me to do and yes, I will allow two characters in one drawing if you wish for it. They鈥檒l be full bodies, sketched, colored and shaded with one or two colors of background! Starting at 25$ for one chara...
by sexualdoggo2 days ago

Commissions closed indefinetaly

There doesn't seem to be a solution for this one. I've been plagued with eviction notices despite what I had tried and most likely will not keep my home for long. Commissions closed for now and might not bother to ever open such again whether happens. Thanks to those who asked for such. I still r...
by RDK4 days ago

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$5 Manga Cameo YCH (August) for purchase

Your character will be included in AniApt ~Animal Apartment~ episode 8! Buy at {}
by YCH: Manga Cameo 1 month ago

$16 Foo Dog Adopts! [4 OPEN] for purchase

Please comment or PM me which one you'd like! Base by Geekidog {} 1). OPEN 2). OPEN 3). OPEN 4). OPEN
by Carmabella's Commissions 1 month ago

"Bean" Adopt for purchase

DM me to purchase _______ Do Not Resell Do not use for commercial Purposes Payment for Adopts will be accepted on Ko-Fi You agree upon purchase that you will not remove the signature/watermark on t
by Caktus Juice Adopts 2 months ago



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by littlebird6 hours ago


by Stoven11 hours ago


by Stoven11 hours ago

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Furiffic 2.0

The teriffic content creation website for Furries!
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