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As a quick update user stickers are almost complete and should be released in the next few days.But as for this post, wh
With this update  there is now stickers  which will lead towards user submitted stickers and slight integration with pag





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its probably not even smth big maybe just a small gift and then i dtive but its still enough to make me feel so NERVOUS
by mjoelke · 7 hours ago


it's my birthday today and it's almost 7 am and i'm lying in my bfs bed and because of militsry work stuff he had to leave early but told me i shouldnt sneak out of the house , that can only mean his family (it's big) planned smth for me and i dont even know them that well yet and i am horribly n...
by mjoelke · 7 hours ago

Looking for Ex-Flight Rising Players!

I'm looking for people who used to play Flight Rising who have no intrest in it any more! If you want to trade the stuff rotting away in your account for art just PM with what you have and what kind of art you're interested in! We can work something out!
by Hymn · 9 hours ago

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Select Commission Slots Open!

All info at {}
by Temrin · 5 days ago

New Comp/Commissions Open

Good news. My family helped me out with getting a new comp. Bad news. I still have to redo several art pieces that were lost so art is still slow. I am still open for commissions however. See info here. {/Gokusan/journals/5371}
by Gokusan · 1 week ago

Computer Died-Art on Hold/Emergency Commissions

This means all art is on hold until I get a new computer. Some stuff was lost and some stuff was on the external. So I will have to salvage what I can. Commissions are open because I need funds to help foot the bill for a new computer.
by Gokusan · 1 week ago

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Colored Sketch for purchase

I will sketch any of your sona's with some color! I can do portrait or half body or full body!
by Arise005 Commissions · 1 week ago

July YCH for purchase

Your character out in the great outdoors cooking up a meal for themselves! Do you want to see a character of yours here? Feel free to contact me, Phoenix-of-Starlight! There are three available slots

Fullbody with scenery for purchase

(single character + background) *lined *colored *Fully shaded *With background Add on : -Extra character + 15$ - Extra SFW/NSFW version + 5$ (+/- 3000x3000 px )
by NI3LS commissions · 1 week ago



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James Redwood

Male · Human · Pansexual · Sagittarius
Role-playing Yes
Mercenary, assassin, and torturer for hire. Hella crazy. Enjoys killing and torturing waaay too m...
by Syria Carys Sirlay · 5 hours ago


Male · Human · Gay · Aquarius
Role-playing Friends
by Bioh4z4rd · 6 hours ago


Male · Pansexual · Pisces
Role-playing Friends
by Bioh4z4rd · 6 hours ago

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Valley of the beaus

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Tolfie's Commissions

Digital Art & Fursuits
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