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As a quick update user stickers are almost complete and should be released in the next few days.But as for this post, wh
With this update  there is now stickers  which will lead towards user submitted stickers and slight integration with pag





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I am a sinner

I would sell my soul for any of these: {} {} {}
by Nyrreah · 9 hours ago

Night thoughts -.2 - Because why not

Night thoughts - 2. - Because why not Forgive my repetition I do so, so easily without inhibition I tend to lend too much of an answer with no personal connection Holding close only a moment open to reasonable reflection Despite what I write, I shake still when the emotions overcome better jud...
by Jiblits · 14 hours ago
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Starved for Roleplay :c

Ive been starved for a good rp recently :c Id like a couple vollunteers if anyone else is looking for a partner c: I like longer, story-like roleplays... I dont have any ideas in my head, so bring your own please! I have a plethora of characters to use. NSFW is ok.. but pls dont be upset if I tur...
by TangentTheWolfy · 23 hours ago

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Cheap Commissions

Since it's winding down to the end of the month, I've been looking for new ideas to keep busy. I decided one of these things is to do some cheap commissions for a bit of pocket money, and more content throughout the weeks. The basics are super simple: The commissions will be sketch only, no rea...
by MrSoucho · 3 days ago

Select Commission Slots Open!

All info at {}
by Temrin · 1 week ago

New Comp/Commissions Open

Good news. My family helped me out with getting a new comp. Bad news. I still have to redo several art pieces that were lost so art is still slow. I am still open for commissions however. See info here. {/Gokusan/journals/5371}
by Gokusan · 1 week ago

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Find Me @ Badge for purchase

A Badge featuring your fursona, telling others how to find you on various platforms. Comes as a flat rate of $20.00 (USD) In this format, with any social platform you have, listed on here once you tel
by Pivotal Paws · 1 day ago

Traditional Badges for purchase

All badges will be laminated and shipped out with the standard $3 fee. There are several Types of Badges available for purchase~ Fullbody $20.00 Half (Hips and Up) $15.00 Headshot $10.00 Other (No
by Pivotal Paws · 1 day ago

Traditional Reference Sheet for purchase

All Reference sheet types will include the characters name/species/gender as well as a reference of all four(or more/less) feet's patterns (if applicable). i.e. a cat's pawpawds or a horses hooves. S
by Pivotal Paws · 1 day ago



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Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Taurus
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Princess, Kitt, KitKat, Mochi, Kitten
by KittensPurrgatory · 6 hours ago


Male · Bear ·
Role-playing Yes
by FuzzWizard · 1 day ago


by Badgefox · 1 day ago

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