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Well thats about it for this years, its been a intresting one... haha yeah right. But any way heres the stats for this y

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Depressing Journal

Welp.. I alreadt know I don't got a Valentine this year... *Sigh* maybe I'll draw myself at a table by myself. Wallowing in self pity xD
by SyphNeon · 2 hours ago


Today's Goals: (1)Sort through a minimum of 100 Fa submissions (Eeyup!) (2)Work on ABDL drawing/ try to finish it (I believe it's complete, and I'll be uploading it tomorow :D) (3)Work on something I started (Worked more on the beaver boy.) Tomorrows Goals: (1)Sort through a minimum of 200 Fa su...
by Fussy · 5 hours ago


I'm brand new to this page! Morisith {/Morisith} made me join it by showing me all the awesome features, huehhueh! I'm just trying to understand all of this as I go! I'll try and actually be active here, but I'm mainly active on DA nowdays! Have a nice day!
by KizuNova · 6 hours ago

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Copper the Tusked Pup

I'm selling Copper, my tusked dog. I have to pay on student loans and am falling behind due to my shit job so I will be selling more adopts and some of my characters. Minimum price is $15. He comes with four pieces of art. Paypal only. Money payment only. Must PM me or email me to bid. Headshot...
by Ashley Pimms · 1 day ago

Weekly Stream - LIVE NOW

Weekly art stream is now live folks! Accepting headshot, bust and chibi commissions Got the webcam, mic and music going. Come hang out and say hi! {} {} ...
by Mickeyila · 2 days ago

Free Waitress Reference Sheets

Hello. I want to practice making ref sheets with the Waitress bases before I attempt to sell them. That being said, if you look at my gallery and look at the reference sheet section, you can see some examples. I will only be taking two at a time and you can't already have a reference sheet. you m...
by Ashley Pimms · 5 days ago

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Male · Crow · Pansexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Crow that leads a double life.
by Lyeox · 6 hours ago


Female · Ghost · Questioning · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Nel
A blue-siluet hawk ghost that like to interactive with people and only shows to scare or when som...
by Rushdell · 8 hours ago


Male · Wolf · Gay ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sassy-Yo
Generally Joey is a calm doggo, But he tends to be overprotective at times.
by KizuNova · 14 hours ago

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Idaho Furs

Place for Furs in Idaho to meet and to get to know each other.
2 days ago

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New Furs

We are new furs.
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