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Night thoughts- 68. - Y knot... Why’z... This night, I don’t feel much fight I’ve seen all that’s left, & don’t think it’d be right Along the trips, the ground shook me like bad news often did It took time, still does for some things, but much less, since I was a kid The journey was, & still ...
by Jiblits · 18 minutes ago

Lulu's European adventure!

by Lulu Amore · 1 hour ago

Number one

Oh my, I am not used to social media. Whenever I start writing I draw a blank on what to write. I can't find the line that separates my private life and my profile. I have to get used to doing this daily I suppose. I don't have any entertaining observations or something yet, so you'll have to dea...
by Ccbagl · 2 hours ago

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Commissions and introduction!

Hi everybody! It's your #1 Corgiboi here to tell you all about how excited I am to start and account here! This place seems a bit more organized then furaffinity and it works A LOT better with my wifi so I might just switch over here, but mostly will be using FA forms for commission stuff.. but o...
by Corgiboi · 2 hours ago

Streaming Now

Stream Sketch commissions going on starting at 8:30 PM, over on Picarto
by kandlin · 2 hours ago

Story Commissions

Hey y'all, my mate is doing story commissions! so go have a talk with him! http://www
by Zin Stone · 1 day ago

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Fullbodys for purchase

One Full body picture of your character! fullbodys will typically come with a single color backround, unless requested! complex backrounds like the example hasa will be 5$ extra!
by Corgiboi Commissions! · 3 hours ago

Refsheets for purchase

A Full body refsheet of your chatacter!
by Corgiboi Commissions! · 3 hours ago

Shaded commission for purchase

Commission with finished line art, color, and shading
by Commissions! · 2 days ago



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Female ·
Role-playing No
Fluffy chocolate cat.
by goaty · 4 hours ago


Female ·
Role-playing No
Lilac cat with big ears who lives with her two girlfriends. She likes latex, weed, and stoner met...
by goaty · 4 hours ago


by Huffy1337 · 9 hours ago

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Corgiboi Commissions!

By your #1 Corgiboi
3 hours ago

Kidcore club

For kidcore critters
2 days ago


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