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by xdarkblux · 33 minutes ago

Updates and AC pre-orders!

Hey guys! please read! http://www
by Zin Stone · 2 days ago
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First Journal!

I'm liking this site! I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Hope to have some fun and meet some neat people!
by ALhedgehog · 3 days ago

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GDPR and Artists?

Hey guys! So, it was brought to my attention and to my mind, that the new GDPR might also effect us artists? I get the basics behind it, but there are still open questions I can't find any answers for. Basically, as I understood it, the commissioners have to agree on the data I publish from the...
by Kinaj · 3 hours ago

Gauging interest...

I have a new 3D printer on the way...What I would like to know is whether anyone would be interested in 3D printed commissions for the following: - Oversized dog tags that would be customized with your character's name. These would be available in various shapes and printed using either ABS or P...
by AshitakaWolf · 5 hours ago

Yarn Tail Commissions Open!

I do all business through my Etsy shop, you can find all relevant info there:
by Drake Ukkonen · 20 hours ago

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Red Fox Yarn Tail for purchase

Ready to ship! Red fox yarn tail, realistic and expertly crafted!
by Drake's Yarn Tails · 20 hours ago

Telegram Stickers for purchase

Custom Telegram stickers of your character(s) (max 2 in each sticker) Will be sent to you in uploadable files to add to your sticker pack.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 1 week ago

Reference Sheet for purchase

A detailed reference for your character. Standard reference sheets always include: Description, colour scheme, a full body front view and a torso only back view.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 1 week ago



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Male · Swan · Asexual · Gemini
Role-playing No
Nicknames nano
ha 13 anni, costruisce un nano,
by xdarkblux · 2 hours ago

Shawn Lee Guku

by ShawnGuku · 3 hours ago

Kathryn the Cat

by ShawnGuku · 3 hours ago

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virus kappa

non durerà
3 hours ago

Drake's Yarn Tails

Yarn Tails, Custom Made, Cruelty-Free Costume Tails!
20 hours ago

Feral's Commissions Corner

A wide collection of possibilities of arts for sale!
1 week ago