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Looking For Artists

I'm looking for at least 3 artists to join my furry facebook page. (NSFW Preferred but safe is also fine but won't do as good.) I would have those 3 artists post their work exclusively. This means that whoever volunteers will have 1000+ people see their artwork per post. Look at it as free adve...
by Pyruoo · 4 hours ago

Calling all pokemon fans attending confuzzled 2017!

I am hosting a pokemon TCG event! It is a tournament with a prize for existant players and a workshop for those wanting to learn to play with some free to use decks ive made or if you are sure you want to get into it feel free to bring your own deck! (You can buy them from a few retailers) natura...
by lupeyroo · 7 hours ago
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What is your favourite(s) of my work(s)?

What is your favourite(s) (preferable my college works but any answers would help me out still.) my works, and why? This is sort of for my portfolio.

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$15 Flat Sketch Commissions! (CLOSED)

Like the piece I just posted yesterday? I got a lot of great feedback from it, and it was a lot of fun to work on! :D I was thinking that as for prices, $15 for one character, and $10 for any additional character. :3 These are quick sketches, so they are a little messy, but they will stay tr...
by CatInYourCloset · 2 days ago

SL Times

My ability to draw is horrific, so instead i post pics of fun times on sl and commissions from my Zandooki. :) I spend a lot of times on Second Life to express my fursona, but one day i hope to get a fursuit made of my avi :3
by Sukipaw · 1 week ago

Sketch Stream

It's that time again~ Just if anyone wants a slot or just wants to watch~ {}
by Goob · 1 week ago

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Full-Bodies for purchase

Full-bodies can also vary in type and style. Message me for more precise details!! :]
by Commissions · 1 week ago

Half-Bodies for purchase

Half-bodies vary in price. Please message me for further details/to get an official price!! Something like the primary image can go for $15 (normally).
by Commissions · 1 week ago

Headshots for purchase

Headshots can range in style and detail!!
by Commissions · 1 week ago



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Male · Jackalope · Pansexual · Libra
Role-playing No
Nicknames Cherry
by GumiTheCarrot · 2 hours ago


Male · Homosexual · Pisces
Role-playing No
by GumiTheCarrot · 18 hours ago

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Michael Jackson: The Artistic Lair™

WIth MJ at the counter, it's hard not to stare at him. Buy and request art trades and requests here.
8 hours ago


2 days ago