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Over the past few months we have been tidying off some internals and general maintenance so theres not too much for you





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Sylessae, an artist created a community, Starcall, to join artists and fans to create art. More info: {}
by Nyrreah · 5 hours ago

RedBubble Store Addition!

Goretober day 13 is now up on my RedBubble! Follow this link if you're interested: {}
by Rory · 1 day ago

Night thoughts - 21. - because why not

Night thoughts - 21. - because why not Eh-Co. - - - Language is a certain noise, made to give peace to uncertainty, when with others, who want to simply go about the day without worry It’s something honestly alarming, even considered, if used a certain way, charming It varies from a few miles, ...
by Jiblits · 1 day ago

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Good quality, reasonable prices

Hello, I just re-opened digital art commissions with none of their standard prices exceeding 10 euros. Here are 3 examples of what 10 euros can get you (all gay, NSFW): Request for Abyssalrider by Amiir Request for Sparkles by Amiir Fox
by Amiir · 6 days ago

Night thoughts - 17. - because why not

Night thoughts - 17. - because why not Gr-oath... Beneath a rock, in a river with water only a picture can show Lays a seed, still rooted among the dry ground, hoping one day to grow Slumber, a moment apart from too far of a time to take It longs for the stream, like a dream, for it’s own sake ...
by Jiblits · 1 week ago

YCH/Adopts Group {/~YCHs-and-Adoptables.894/overview} Are you an artist looking for selling your adoptables or YCHs? Are you someone who's interested in getting a new character or an YCH? Welp! I made a group here just for that. it's pretty new, so ther...
by Jooper · 1 week ago

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Digital Icon for purchase

A digital icon of your character (any species/gender). You'll be given a 3000x3000 px image for the full resolution, and a smaller version at whatever size you'd like, that would best fit where you wa

With Enviroment for purchase

If you want a character portrait with a proper environment, it costs a bit more

Ref Sheets for purchase

Just a simple ref, I'm sure you seen better, but non by me :3



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Male · Dragon · Pansexual · Libra
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Raven, Milord, Balance
This monk has a bit of family issues. Them all being pandas and him being a dragon. Other than th...
by xXxThe Little Lotus FlowerxXx · 16 hours ago


by Felidire · 19 hours ago


Female · Fox · Bisexual · Pisces
Role-playing No
Nicknames Eb
Optimistically Living~
by Lizzie · 21 hours ago

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