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Hey there my name's Icestorm, but you can call my Icy or Ice if that's too long for all you business people out there. I'm a Canadian Lynx, and also an asexual furry, who loves art and would love it to be a part time job along with something Science based to keep my brain going. Palaeontology is also a huge passion of mine that I like to keep separate from my art and safely locked down in the logical side of my head, cause otherwise ill invent new dinosaurs or something and make them all rainbow coloured just for the hell of it.

I love survival horror games like Amnesia and Silent Hill 2, which I am currently playing through at the moment and loving every second of it! Modern warfare games have never been an interest of mine since i'm a bit of a peace loving fur; but the Metal gear series is just about crazy enough for me to adore despite being a strange parody of said genre above. I just love the huge metal gears, sneaky box related fight scenes and the unorthodox characters!

Reading is also a hug pastime of mine, with some of my favourites being Hunters Moon, Varjak Paw, H.P Lovecraft, Dragon Rider and Ice Mage. Basically horror fantasy or animal related books, there's a reoccurring theme here isn't there.

So yeah, that's me, just one more crazy drop in an ocean of crazy, hugging trees and eating vegetarian food for sustenance while watching more documentaries that should be considered healthy, and constantly wondering why cake hasn't yet evolved to float.


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thnx x

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