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I am 47492, and I'm starting to like it here. I got permanently banned from FA but that does not matter,  I am now on a new website, with new people, and I can't wait to say hello to them all. Don't be afraid to subscribe to my account. Chat with me if you would like. :)

A little something about my TFTG journals is that they are mostly anthropomorphism. Not like the real animals, anthropomorphic kind. If you don't like it then either don't look at it or idk deal with it. And birdo TFTG are not anthropomorphism, birdos are birdos. They belong to Nintendo.


Species: Atrikus

Name: Glark

Likes: Oranges, making new friends, the color orange

Dislikes: Being banned from websites, mean/annoying people, tangerines

Abilities: Has fire powers which has to incredible strength, and is almost unstoppable. Spreads like angry ants, and whatever it touches disintegrates into ashes. If it touches water it will spread through the water similar to what would happen with grease. The more he eats the stronger his fire abilities will become. He hates it when he has to use them on people, but he will if he really has to (like self defense).

Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/18081459/profile

Born Dec 1


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Transformation Sequence It's Your Own Story!

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Species: fennec fox
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Species: pokemon
Artist Type: anime artist
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