47492 the Atrikus is feeling Happy
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

New Exotic Species Atrikus (at-tri-kis)

Species similar to hods, but much less stronger. They can be up to 4 feet in length, meaning they are up to 4 feet tall when standing. Outer base their fur comes in white, which the inner base of fur (stomach, tail, eyes, ears) can be red, orange, yellow, brown, and rare as shit blue. Yes, atriki...
5 months ago

Battle For Infinite Robux

So what I said on DA a couple months back was that I was going to make a sequel to Battle For Everything if I got 100 likes and comments. Unfortunately, that never happened. So I am bored and I want to start on a new project, the sequel to Battle For Everything. I'll call it, "Battle For Infinite...
5 months ago