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Birdo Transformation1

Published: 4 months ago

WARNING: If you don't like transformation or gender-swap sequences or any of that matter, please browse back and do what you like to do best.

Sequence starts off with our two male human characters(non-cannon, meaning that I won't be using them again) Derek and Nalo. They come across a blue birdo.

Derek: Look Nalo! A rare blue birdo!

Nalo: Wow! I gotta get a capture of this!

Blue Birdo: *notices our two characters*

Derek: Duck! It noticed us! *Darek and Nalo ducked behind a bush just as about Nalo was gonna snap a photo*

Blue Birdo: *acts casual as if they ran away*

Nalo: That was close, but I still want to get a photo of that birdo.

Derek: Don't do it, unless it isn't one of those flashing cameras.

Nalo: *snaps a picture of the photo with a loud clicking noise and a flash*

The blue birdo was shook and wondered what that flash was.

Derek: What did I say?

Nalo: Sorry, I didn't know.

Blue Birdo: *thinks Nalo and Derek are hiding somewhere and decides to look for them*

Derek: *peeps from bush* Great job Nalo. It's looking for us, so let's get out of here.

Derek and Nalo were just about to run away from the bush, just as the birdo caught them with both of its eyes. The rare blue birdo made a birdo noise of surprise and starts to shoot eggs out of its mouth, aiming at Derek.

Nalo: Derek, watch out! It's gonna shoot an egg!

Before Derek could process what Nalo was saying and move out of the way in time. The egg hit him in the head, knocking him on the ground.

Nalo: Derek, are you okay!

The birdo shoots another egg out of its hole, hitting Nalo in the exact same place Derek got hit.

Nalo: Oof, that hurt. Hey. These eggs are shaped a funny color, and the yolk too!

Derek: *wakes up, recovered from the egg* These eggs and yolk are colored funny. Wait, that means...

Nalo and Dereks skin turns blue just like the birdos. The blue birdo gives them a triumphant laugh, and runs away.

Nalo: That birdo is just gonna run away and not fix us!

Derek: I guess not, after all we did disturb it's peace.

They started to grow birdo tails, legs, and arms.

Nalo: Well, I guess that does make sen-

Nalo's sentence was paused by the transformation of his human mouth becoming a birdo snoot. Derek got a birdo snoot as well. They both shrank down to the size of an average birdo, and their bellies turned white.Bows appeared at the top of their heads, just for the cherry on top of it all.

Derek: I think it's done.

Nalo: Yeah, now to find a doctor to see if they can fix this.

Derek: Before we can do that, let's wait and hope that this is temporary.

The End!

Birdo species belongs to Nintendo.

Nalo and Derek are characters of mine.

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