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WARNING: If you don't like transformations, gender-switchings, or anything of that matter, please browse back. Instead, how about do what you like to do best instead of displeasing yourself?

Sequence starts off with our 2 female human characters(non-cannon meaning they won't be used again) Florence and Antonia. This sequence has them watching a movie together, or is it? Also note that my transformation sequences are mostly anthropomorphic, meaning that they turn into animals, standing and talking animals. You get the idea? Don't like it then browse back.

Florence: I picked out a movie!

Antonia: Great, I got the pop corn ready, what's the movie called?

Florence: The DVD box just says, "Elephant"

Antonia: You picked out Dumbo? That used to be my favorite movie as a kid. Plug it into the DVD player.

Florence puts the DVD into the DVD player and the video runs on their flat screen television. It shows a hypnotic pattern moving.

Antonia: What the...

Florence and Antonia had stared at the screen for too long and got hypnotized. An hour later the video is finished and the DVD pops out, and lands on the floor. Florence and Antonia finally woke up after that trance.

Florence: Whoa, what happened?

Antonia: Did we miss the movie?

Florence: Yeah, I think so. I'll go put it back in and skip through whatever zoned us out.

Just as she was about to get up, and elephant trunk, ears, and tail grew on her.

Florence: What the heck?!

Antonia: Oh my goodness! Am I changing too?

Antonia was changing like her friend Florence.

Florence: We're turning into elephants!

Florence and Antonia got their feet turned into elephant feet.

Antonia: We're changing fast!

Florence started to grow an extra foot tall. Her breasts and ass grew the size of beachballs. The same happened with Antonia. They were both transforming at the same pace. Florences skin tone turned medium gray, while Antonias was light brown. They both grew until their heads hit the ceiling.

Florence: Ow! We're growing too tall!

Antonia: Tell me about i-

Their breasts and ass grew more and started to burst through the seams of their clothing. Florences clothes were torn into hundreds of pieces and fell to the ground.

Florence: There goes 50 bucks.

Antonias assets grew rapidly in response. Her clothes burst all over the place.

Antonia: I feel like a thousand pounds!

Florence: I think we are breaking the floor.

The floor started to crack due to their heavy weight.

Florence: When mom and dad get home they are gonna be shocked. They'll ground me for life.

Antonia: I doubt they'd recognize you now. Your human form looks nothing like an elephant. They're gonna think that an elephant ate you, and you're the elephant!

Florence: Not funny Antonia.

Antonia: Right sorry. I gotta get home now, it is getting late.

Antonia walked through the wall where the front door was. Destroying the wall completely.

Florence: Mom and dad will refuse to pay for all this. It's all because of that stupid DVD. I hope this isn't permanent. Wait, I take that back. I don't want to be grounded for a century.

The End.

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