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Birdo Transformation2

Published: 4 months ago

WARNING: If you don't like transformations, gender-switchings, or anything of that matter, please browse back. Instead, how about do what you like to do best?

Story begins with our female human character(non-cannon meaning I won't be using the character again) Miriam, and she just discovered a wild desert birdo.

Miriam discovers a desert birdo. It had really light brown skin with a white stomach, brown hair, light brown eyes, spiky birdo tail, and a red bow on top of its head. Miriam was happy to see a desert birdo, for the first time in her discovery. She knew she couldn't get too close because that might startle it. Miriam admires it from a safe distance. When the birdo notices her it had an idea to attack. Miriam didn't know that desert birdos can be hostile. The birdo quickly shot an egg out from it's hole. The egg traveled so fast Miriam could not react to it in time, and it hit her right in the face. It hit her but it didn't knock her out.

Miriam: This egg yolk is an usual color, from any birdo I have seen before.

Miriam grows a spiky birdo tail, birdo feet and arms, bird stomach, and birdo snoot.

Miriam: What's going on? Oh!

Miriam realized that her voice changed to a birdo voice.

She then grew a red bow tie on top of between her birdo eyes. Miriam had completely become a birdo. She looked just like the desert birdo she encountered.

Miriam: How am I going to turn back into my original self again? The desert birdo spoke to Miriam, and she understood it all.

Miriam: This is permanent? Well, I better get used to being a birdo for the rest of my life then.

The End.

Birdo species belongs to Nintendo

Miriam is a made up character of mine.

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