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Birdo TFTG1

Published: 3 months ago

WARNING: If you don't like transformations, gender-switchings, or anything of that matter, please browse back. Instead, how about do what you like to do best instead!

This story begins with a male human character(non-cannon meaning I won't be using this character again) Alison, encountering a birdo for the first time in his life, and to become a birdo for the rest of HER life.

Alison spots a dark green birdo with a white stomach, average birdo tail, lime-green eyes, and a navy blue bow between the top of its birdo eyes.

Alison: Wow! A green birdo, but I better be careful because they are dangerous.

Alison knows that green birdos only shoot fire from their snoots, so he hides behind a rock and views it from there. Unfortunately the birdo is smarter than that and shoots a green flame at Alison. It could have lit him on fire but instead it did something that changed him completely.

Alison: Oh, I thought that flame could have burnt me up, but I barely felt a thing.

Alisons skin turned into a dark green and white stomach.

Alison: Uh oh!

Alisons legs and arms turned into that of a birdos. He then started to grow a green birdo tail, his eyes went on top of his head becoming green instead of his original brown eyes.

Alison: Agh! I got birdo eyes! Soon I will become just like a birdo!

A birdo snoot popped out of his face, replacing his human mouth. He started to grow long light green hair with a navy blue bow on of his head. The green birdo laughed.

Alison: Stop laughing! I've fully become a birdo, you had your fun, change me back!

The dark green birdo didn't like being told what to do, so it swore to itself to never change him back, so the birdo left.

Alison: Don't leave me like this!

Alison started to grow large breasts the size of basketballs.

Alison: What the?! Oh no!

Alison realized that he was becoming a female birdo.

Her stomach expanded so much it touched the ground.

Alison: Belly too?!

She did not like this at all. Her ass then started to grow the size of beachballs.

Alison: Oh great.

The dark green birdo came back. It was glad that Alison got what he had coming. It laughed. Alison didn't like being laughed at, so he trotted out of the cave and back to his house.

Alison: Thanks for turning me into a big birdo, you better hope I enjoy it. *she thought to herself*

The End.

Birdo species belongs to Nintendo

Alison is made up character

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