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Hippo TFTG1

Published: 3 months ago

WARNING: If you don't like transformations, gender-switchings, or anything of that matter, please browse back. Instead, how about do what you like to do best instead. Thank you!

This story starts off with our male and female human characters(which won't be used again)Alex and Jessie. Alex is staying over at Jessies house for a while, and he is in for a surprise, as for what Jessie is going to do to him.

Alex: Thanks for having me stay over Jessie.

Jessie: No problem, maybe you can let me stay over at your house one day.

Alex: Don't count on it.

Alex never let Jessie stay at his place ever! Not even for a day. Jessie was always letting Alex stay at her house when times got tough, but Alex never did the same for Jessie. Today is the day that Jessie decided to plot her revenge once and for all, and it was not kicking him out, she had better plans.

Jessie: So what do you want to do today?

Alex: What is there to do? There is so much to do at your house, it's hard to decide.

Jessie: How about the Switch? I got that new Team Sonic Racing game.

Alex: Okay, let's do that.

They started to play the Switch for a while, half way between it Alex ordered a pizza for both him and Jessie. Three 3 hours later it got late at night.

Jessie: It's 11 o' clock, I think it's time to hit the sack.

Alex: Why? There is so much more to do on the Switch! We also never beat World Of Light!

Jessie: We'll save that for tomorrow. Come on, I'm tired.

Alex: I guess you're right, all your talking about night got me tired.

Alex and Jessie went up to Jessies room. Alex realized that his guest bed was gone.

Alex: What happened to my bed?

Jessie: I had to give it back, it was for rent, remember?

Alex: Oh, yeah. Well, then can I sleep in your bed tonight?

Jessie: No. Hope you don't mind sleeping on the couch.

Alex: But Jessie, I want to spend the night with you.

Jessie: You spent 4 hours of the night with me already Alex.

Alex: Okay, I'll sleep on the couch for the sake of you.

Alex and Jessie went to their sleeping places. An hour passes by, Jessie thinks it's time for her to get that revenge. When Alex wasn't around Jessie made a potion that would turn Alex into a hippo. Jessie thought that this will be hilarious for her and humiliating for Alex. She snuck downstairs to the living room where Alex had to sleep. She popped the bottle open and slowly poured it into Alex's mouth. The potion was swallowed.

Jessie: Yes, this should take until tomorrow afternoon to kick in.

Jessie went back to bed snickering. We fast forward to afternoon where Alex's hippo potions starts to change him. Into a big busty anthropomorphic hippopotamus! Jessie had waited long and hard for this and so have you reader.

Alex: I am starting to feel worser than this morning.

Jessie: I hope you aren't getting sick, then you would have to leave, if you could even fit through the door when that potions transforms you.

Alex: Huh?

Jessie: Nothing.

Alex: Nah, you said something girl, it was something about transforming me.

Jessie: Oh, transforming you into a handsome boyfriend.

Alex: Oh. Well I am starting to get a few pimples, this will be worth it!

Alex started to grow a hippo tail, snout, and ears. His skin changed to a light gray.

Alex: What the?!

Alex's feet turned into hippo feet. Then he grew and extra three feet tall, also long brown hair.

Alex: This is not called being turned into a handsome boyfriend Jessie.

Jessie: Of course not Alex, you are going to become a hippopotamus for the rest of your life!

Alex was surprised by this. He had been tricked! Alex started to grow large breasts the size of his own fat body, and his ass grew twice the size of fitness balls. The assets tore his clothing clean off, completely stripped.

Alex: Jessie, this is your fault, I'll sit on you for this! I weigh a thousand pounds!

Jessie: You had it coming, you never invited me to your house and I let you in my house all the time! This is payback.

Alex: Darn, I guess you're right, I guess I'm a hippo forever. Oh well.

Jessie: Guess you knew it was permanent.

Jessie started to grow a hippo snout, ears, and tail. Her skin changed to a very light brown, and her hair changed from blonde to orange.

Jessie: Oh no! I forgot that this transformation stuff spread like a cold!

Jessie grew hippo feet and she was three feet taller. Her breasts grew the size of her own hippo body, a huge bottom. Her clothes ripped as her assets grew. Jessies clothes were finally all torn and beat up, and the clothes fell onto the ground.

Jessie: Guess we are both anthropomorphic hippos now.

Alex: Yep, now how am I gonna be able to leave? I'm twice the size of the front door! I can't fit through anything now.

Jessie: Same with me. I guess you should just bust through the wall. You got no choice if you want to leave. I know it's a lot of damage, but I'll pay for it.

Alex: Alright then.

Alex bust through the wall, crushing the front door, walking all the way home, hoping nobody sees him in his new form.

Jessie: That's it for this night. Tomorrow I am going to think of a way to change both of us back to humans.

The End.

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