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Published: 1 week ago

I am a male autistic, bisexual, furry gamer and artist. I am sometimes slow and sometimes impatient so please take it easy on me if I make a mistake. I like rock music and other variants of music. If I can vibe to something, I will surely enjoy it. I like games with strategy and/or action. Platformers are fun too. I have a fursona named Glark: An Atrikus(Alien) from Atticus. Glark can manipulate fire which is really neat! I also have other characters like Terry the Atrikus, who has ice powers and can use his cold breath/touch to freeze his foes! I like my family and friends because they can make me smile and understand what's going on and that makes me happy! I also like memes and other humor because it makes me laugh. I don't like censorship because it kills ideas and prohibits free speech. Stupid people can make me laugh as well but sometimes they make me angry because something they said was either wrong or too ridiculous to even be accepted. I sometimes don't think twice before I say something or take action, but I'll learn if it becomes a problem! I try to make a learning experience out of my mistakes. I don't feel good when someone or something puts me down for something I like. It makes me lose motivation for it and I would have to apologize in advance. I have a heart of gold and am really sensitive when someone's feelings are hurt. Redemption is one of the first paths I take to apologize. I'm not out to hurt anybody that's too sensitive, that's not my goal. When I get blocked by someone that looks and seems super cool, I get a panic attack and drown myself in guilt as it makes me feel like I said or did something wrong and when I say or do something wrong, I want to make it right! I'd rather be in a group that knows me rather than joining a new and peculiar group of people. The reason why is because I don't want to say/do anything I'll regret. I have to know them first before expressing myself or else I'll get into trouble with them or end up hurting their feelings. If you don't like how I am, then don't approach me. I don't like meeting someone and they end up getting nasty because of something I like. It doesn't make any sense to me. I'd rather meet a happy person who likes me rather than a mean person. If someone misunderstands or mistakes something for who I am, I want to correct them and sometimes myself. I'm not a bad guy, I just don't like being in scary situations, so I do my best to get out of it! When I introduce myself to someone and they don't reply, I feel like I'm being ignored or hated, so please don't take too long to reply back to me. I'd also rather be approached than be the approacher. I have a dream for being a video game designer having cool sprites, sound effects, and music for the game! I still need to learn more about programming because with programming, you can do A LOT. I also need someone that can make neat sprites and a person that can make cool sound effects and music. I will also make the idea and plot of the game and sketch out all the character ideas. I'll be the big brain of the whole thing! If that doesn't work out, I could form my own rock band, because rock music is my favorite music genre. This is getting long so I'm gonna have to cut it here. Please get to know me if you're a nice and totally chill person and check out my pinned thread for even more that I have to say! =D

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