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Hods are a new species I came up with but don't get them confused with the V-shaped tools used to carry bricks, no no no. The Hods are similar to gloomers but are stronger, bigger, and don't have claws. Hods can be somewhere to around 3 to 4 feet. They are extremely flexible and cannot be cut, stabbed, torn, squished, or popped. Tried shooting them it would just bounce back. They can absorb through their stomachs (like the blob). They can expand their stomachs to extreme sizes, can inflate themselves and have no limit to how big they can get. Can produce eggs. Hods are edible to but not to all people and/or living creatures. Like the gloomer it can hear with it's fur, and unlike the gloomer it can sense other predators trying to sneak up on them. Their fur can sense from 3 feet away. Can use stretchy tongues (that can reach from 75 feet) and can inhale too (which reaches from 50 feet). Can lift up to 40 tons. Hods weigh from 30-35 tons (heavy much?). Able to smell food/ other creatures/ or walking talking things from 20 miles away. They can also run 60-70 miles per hour. Can absorb fire, electricity/lightning, water, dark magic, light magic, wind, psychic energy/other magic, ice(tap, fresh, and salt), rock, and dangerous chemicals/acid to gain that power. If any of those absorbed the light gray fuzz and eye tint change color. Fire-orange, electricity/lightning- yellow, water-blue, dark magic-black, light magic- white, wind-light turquoise, psychic energy/other magic- purple, ice- aqua, rock-dark gray, dangerous chemicals/acid- green. Will the parts that change color glow? Yes! Hods do not get burns or reactions if they absorb any of the listed, they have a strong immune system. Heat can also make hods turn orange, from 80 F and up. Cold temperatures can be absorbed to have ice powers, from 65 F and lower. Then can drop their elemental powers whenever they feel like it. Make it angry it will turn red(on the parts where I said earlier) and the hod will be twice as strong(double it's strength, weight, smelling radius, inhaling radius, jump radius, and will be able to run twice as fast). When it's calm it's strength will stay the same. It will absorb the energy from any part of it's body and it doesn't even need to be directly at it. The body will absorb the energy by itself so the hods can't even help it. Hods can hop, walk, and crawl. They can jump from 10 feet in length and 5 feet in height. They cannot get hurt/die from excessive heights or eating. Hods will eat, crush, sit on anything that gets in their way. Hods can eat/absorb anything and not get harmed by it. They will even feast on each other, if they are forced to or when angered. They will eat their prey any way they want, chewed up or swallowed whole. Hods can fit anything through their massive gullet. Whatever they eat can be encased inside an egg, but it happens, but can absorb and digest on a regular daily basis. Hods can hit really hard due to themt being able to lift up to 40 tons. Have paw pads on hands and feet. Their paw pad color is gray and will glow when a hod absorbs an element as listed earlier. Hods are less mean than gloomers and won't attack/eat you or belongings unless provoked, hungry, angered, or when you are trapped. Hods will also eat gloomers and no it is not considered cannibalism. Do not run if you see a Hod, because if you run it will think you are food and will hunt you down. When in danger of a hod attack you must drop, poop and roll (also pee PLEASE) because they won't go near you if you smell like feces. Hods never show up where there are lots of people, such as cities. You can find them in mountain/hilly areas, forests, and are uncommonly found in deserts. Adventurers could possibly run into a hod if they are really unlucky. They can transfer their fat into height, to become taller than usual(1 foot= 5 tons). This also increases it's strength, weight, etc. Can stretch to infinite lengths and can transform the shape of its body. It's stomach works like memory foam, make an impression! They are extremely shock absorbent and regenerate quickly. Sorry if this was excessive and hard to read. I might add more to this when I think of anything new. You won't be getting notified if this gets updated, at least I'm not sure if you can get notified on an update post...

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