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Times Change

Well, I can see why Yiff Spot went down hill. When there is a crowd it's 95% humans, ugly kemono avs that all look the same, six year old newbies, and over bulked horses that all look the same. If this is what SL has to offer when it comes to creativity, then creativity is either dead, or on it's...
by Nexa · 21 minutes ago
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Not dead, not yet anyways.

For those few of you who actually talked to me here, I'm not gone for good. I apologize to any followers who actually wanted to see something new from me. I've been busy with real life stuff and also typical internet drama. Sometimes you gotta just step back away from it all, and I needed to badl...
by Hiroshi Kai · 9 hours ago
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So after a few years and a lack of places to upload stuff, here I am. Had an FA before that attracted creeps, had an IB where they didn't like screenshots. but I need a home. I have two characters mostly. for now I'm focusing on spades, but in the future there'll be some Dani stuff too. either wa...
by Nexa · 2 days ago

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"Hey, Kinaj, what happened to your daily streams?"

That is a good question only I would come up with. Well, basically I am still doing daily streams. Nearly daily. Still often. But most of the time I don't upload any ads. Why? Because of several reasons. Either I don't really like anybody else but certain people to come, or at least don't care, ...
by Kinaj · 6 hours ago

Commissions Open

(Making this a journal so it'll show up in Dealer's Den!)
by lazylogic · 4 days ago

Updated Sketch Commission Prices!

Hello, everyone! As you may have seen on my Twitter, I have run into an issue where I am working A LOT and not making ends meet. I did a lot of math, averaging, timing myself, more math, comparing my prices to other artists' of similar style/quality, MORE MATH... and uh... more math. It's a goo...
by CatInYourCloset · 4 days ago

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Less than 500 words for purchase

A story less than 500 words.
by Kre's Writing Emporium · 5 days ago

Cute Button for purchase

Cute little button that is perfect for use as an avatar or character icon!
by Illustrations by lupeyroo · 2 weeks ago

Full Color for purchase

A full-color image!
by Commissions by Guts · 3 weeks ago



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Female · Snow-leopard · Demisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Vet, Veta, Vetty
by Sickn3ss.X · 3 hours ago


Female · Dutch angel dragon · Heterosexual · Cancer
Role-playing No
Nicknames Coco, Angel
She is my main dutchie!
by Coco · 6 hours ago


by Coco · 6 hours ago

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Ugh! The pencil broke!
5 days ago

Gryphons Emporium

All Gryphons, All The Time
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Furry Comics

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