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Happy I Just Blew My Diet Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of myfellow U.S. citizens, and any visitors who might sitting down to stuffyour faces with us! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday, and here'swishing you sane fellow drivers/passengers if you're traveling, sunnyweather and that, just for once, Great Uncle Henry will...
by MeganBryar · 48 minutes ago

Anyone Looking For Trades?

I am interested in doing some writing/art trades. I will write pretty much anything for art. *Cough* Art Slut *Cough*
by Pyruoo · 9 hours ago

Soo.. no internet.

Soo.. Yeah. Moved house. Moved into a new house. New house does not have air conditioning. New house does not have a phone/internet line connect to the property. As in the landlord needs to get someone to come and install the 25m of cable to connect to the property to the main line. This.. prob...
by Lulu Amore · 14 hours ago

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Peacefully frustrating people...

Peacefully frustrating people... Too many times too late to imagine becoming more than a dream Drift east into a restless ocean of never-endings till you find a slow stream Deep enough to sink into eternity, stay above the below Give no doubt to moments only emotion guides to the unknown, afraid...
by Jiblits · 3 days ago


My car has taken yet another wheel related incident, this time with the steering gear itself! What started as a brake job resulted in discovering the wheels themselves wobbling dangerously loose. For now I can only drive my car short distances (home-work) This will cause huge problems for me, as ...
by Grinn3r · 6 days ago

5 Commission Slots Open~

Heyo! So I did the moving thing! And during the moving thing my computer has decided that my harddrive is not so much my friend and is making those 'I'm going to die on you soon' sounds they like to make as their life drains away. Given moving is bloody expensive and my bank balance is not curren...
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago

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Chibis for purchase

A full body, colored + shaded chibi!
by Robinik's Art Shoppe · 3 weeks ago

Sketches for purchase

Colored + shaded sketches. Up to 2 layers of shading and 1 layer of lighting. Simple or no background included. Rough lines, will not be cleaned.
by Robinik's Art Shoppe · 3 weeks ago

Sketchpage for purchase

Up to 10 sketches of your character! Minimum 3.
by Robinik's Art Shoppe · 3 weeks ago



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Stolid Silver

Male · Goat · Pansexual · Libra
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames SS
by SSSG · 18 hours ago

Fangs the Coyote

by Thax · 1 day ago

Duke the Dhole

by Thax · 1 day ago

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