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Call Me Beep Me If you wanna Reach me

Just wanted to remind folks if you like my art on some sites, I'm a little more active checking wise on Furaffinity, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Twitter! I still upload to other sites and check when I can, but if you send a message and it doesn't get replied to right away you can probably reach me on the formerly stated sites
by Skylar · 22 hours ago

sorry for being dead lol

I'm sorry I'm not very active here, i have a youtube account where I'm more active, plus i have been working to improve my art. i have been really busy lately and have not had time to go either on fur villa nor here which really sucks because i wish i had the time.
by Foxnfur · 1 day ago
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20 years alive!

Today at 5:15 am, I turned 20 years old! Goodbye teens, hello 20's!
by Bran · 1 day ago

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Streaming Commissions Today!

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming commissions today! [url]https://picarto
by Yeenr · 2 hours ago

Commissions Open

Yello! So around doing Lulu comics I have some time to do some commission work as well. Currently only have three more things in my paid list and then I'm entirely free again. So if anyone would like something, feel free to note me! I can probably get them done within a two week time frame ...
by Lulu Amore · 1 week ago
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Opening for commissions

As it stands, I want to get my feet wet in doing some character sketches and/or inks for others, as I've gotten a little better as of late Ink of whichever character you decide (as long as they're yours or you have permission) -- $8 Single character Icon (colored): $4 If you had something else ...
by Arity · 1 week ago

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DS ICON for purchase

ANIMATED DS ICON - $8 --------------------------------- DS color and decal customizable!
by ReiRei Coms · 1 month ago

BACKGROUND for purchase

BACKGROUND - $10 - 15 ------------------------- Add a BG to any commission! Price may differ based on complexity.
by ReiRei Coms · 1 month ago


BASIC - $10 (turnaround, name, basic stats) THOROUGH - $15 (turnaround, name, basic stats, personal information, 1-2 headshots/extras) FULL SHEET - $20 (turnaround, name, basic stats, personal informa
by ReiRei Coms · 1 month ago



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by HowSplendid · 3 hours ago

Lana Salthera

by HowSplendid · 3 hours ago

Ashter Balker

by HowSplendid · 3 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Character Sketches

Character sketches available - $8 full character (inks); Single character icon (color): $4
1 week ago