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Crew of Nightwing - Intro Video

Hey folks, I finished the creation of another YouTube video, this one introduces the crew of the S.F.S. Nightwing, SLG-78, from my "Daggers of Darkness" sci-fi novel series. For those who haven't been following the story, "Daggers of Darkness" takes place in the same alternate reality as my nov...
by Ancient Wolf · 1 day ago

September 15th update

an update
by Vangabond · 4 days ago

Is everything back?

Jesus how long was the site down this time? According to isitdownrightnow it was over a week......
by WeegeeTheGabumon · 5 days ago

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Before we go down again...

If anyone found a YCH they're dying to grab, but need a male char too, Nigel's your dude! If it's romantic in nature, Nigel prefers Women and Cbois, and ideally the pic wouldn't be specifically lewd, more mature than adult. I can go in up to $50. In case furiffic goes down again, you can always ...
by Nigel · 5 days ago
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A Return

It's been five full days since I've been able to log in, due to the server being down. That being said, I have some things to upload that I did, during that time. It was very stressful for me due to communications being cut off (I could not contact someone commissioning art from me at ALL) so I ...
by Madame Sparx · 1 week ago

Stream starting again now~

Hey y'all~ Please come join my stream~ More regular viewers means more art being made in general~ x3 https://picarto
by Lunaris_Parukia · 2 weeks ago

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Reference Sheet Headshot Add on for purchase

Adds Headshots to your ref sheet
by TrippyKitty's Commissions · 1 month ago

Reference Sheets for purchase

A fully done ref sheet of your character! Add Ons are available
by TrippyKitty's Commissions · 1 month ago

Stickers for purchase

A Sticker made for Discord,Telegram and so on! They are $5.00 each!
by TrippyKitty's Commissions · 1 month ago



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by HumbleMarty · 46 minutes ago

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