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I have Left FA

So because of the situation going on with Furaffinity staff banning anyone who has a right leaning view, I will not be using FurAffinity anymore. The site has become politically driven, and divided the fandom. I hope to be using Furiffic more so be prepared to see new uploads in the future! I'll ...
by Takura · 14 hours ago


I RETURN! UNINJURED! DEAD BROKE! HAD FUN!  IT WAS GOOD I have no art to show for three weeks of absense
by Lulu Amore · 1 day ago
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No longer active here

Starting June 1st 2018 6/1/2018 I will no longer be posting across mutliple art community sites like I use to and wanted to let everyone know where I will be active, so no one will follow or expect updates on these soon to be Inactive accounts. This decision was made from being able to manage man...
by Zingiber · 1 day ago

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Back Again from Being Away

Hi everybody, I am back on here as most of you might've noticed. I have kinda had the feeling of getting out of touch with my audience on other websites I was on (I am looking at you, FurAffinity) because they were either too big and crowded or overtook by Russians who draw the most amazing thing...
by Feralmoonlight · 1 day ago

Request Journal

Hai hai! Welcome to my request journal! Here you can put in a request for a free sketch. Sketches are limited to one character and must fall within my terms of service will and won't list. No, I will not draw your favorite cartoon character in an adult situation. Sketches will remain simple. No b...
by Zahrah · 2 days ago

Friday Stream~

HELP! - I'M MOVING IN UNDER A MONTH! Please help me out and commission me or spread the word to your friends to do so
by Jasmae · 3 days ago

Latest items for sale

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Telegram Stickers for purchase

Custom Telegram stickers of your character(s) (max 2 in each sticker) Will be sent to you in uploadable files to add to your sticker pack.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 4 days ago

Reference Sheet for purchase

A detailed reference for your character. Standard reference sheets always include: Description, colour scheme, a full body front view and a torso only back view.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 4 days ago

Full Colour Full Body for purchase

Full body shaded image of your character. Base price is for 1 character. + add character = + 50% of the base price Wings/complex markings/complex accessoires are + €3.00 per applicable item Backgr
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 4 days ago



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Emily Belmount

by deeptriviality · 53 minutes ago

Cynthia "Cyn" Tilla

by deeptriviality · 54 minutes ago

Alister Suibhine

by deeptriviality · 54 minutes ago

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Feral's Commissions Corner

A wide collection of possibilities of arts for sale!
4 days ago

commissions by sparky

commissions by sparky
3 weeks ago

Corgiboi Commissions!

By your #1 Corgiboi
3 weeks ago