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July 15th Update

an update
by Vangabond · 1 day ago

Discord Server Update

Wheeee massive mood swings and shit
by themeshow101 · 3 days ago

Is It Just Me...

...or is anyone else tired of furry websites which assume you are uploading artwork, and virtually require you to pick Themes and Tags, all of which assume artwork, rather than music? Yes, the vast majority of it is artwork, but not all of it, so to make me sort through Themes and Tags which doe...
by The Beach Bears · 4 days ago

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General Brain Droppings - 1

5:50 PM 7/16/2018     As a warning, I set a timer for 50-60 minutes and just type whatever is on my mind into Notepad
by AngelicDirt · 13 hours ago


[center][b]DERPY ICON YCH[/b] http://www
by Kinklez · 3 days ago
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[Advice Wanted] Streaming Traditional Art

Okay, do people know of an effective way to stream traditional art? That is my strongest point as far as visual art goes, and I want to show people what my drawing process looks like, but I am not sure how I should get around to doing this. I know how to stream digital art pretty well, but I'm no...
by Pieca Pyrofire · 5 days ago

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Moon Designs for purchase

This item is available for 40 DeviantART points (40 cents in US currency.) Please visit this page {} to purchase.
by Cosmic Designs Catalogue · 1 month ago

Red Fox Yarn Tail for purchase

Ready to ship! Red fox yarn tail, realistic and expertly crafted!
by Drake's Yarn Tails · 1 month ago

Single Icon/Headshot for purchase

A coloured and shaded single headshot of your character. Can come in PNG format with either a transparent or coloured background, whichever you prefer.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 2 months ago



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by SmartWhitefang · 1 hour ago

Bety Kjemper Kvinne

by ALhedgehog · 6 hours ago


by ALhedgehog · 6 hours ago

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