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Stocking Stuffer 2018 update!

Posting another Stocking Stuffer 2018 update on my end! So let's see what I've got so far:[lb] [lb] - 1 Nice update (The start of a non-sexy RP adventure story, a collab between myself and a friend)[lb] - 1 Naughty Update (Art with some text included)[lb] - Another Nice Update (Another chapter of Courtship)[lb] - Another Naughty Update (The last chapter of the most recent Moreau storyline)[lb] - Yet another, much larger Nice update (A very ABDL themed story, about 20,000 words of diapering and baby fun)[lb] [lb] And currently on the way:[lb] - A Naughty Feminization Story that should be familiar to anyone who read stuff I uploaded last Stocking Stuffer[lb] - Another Nice Courtship update
by TerinasTiger · 10 hours ago
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Probably leaving

Is pretty disgusting when you notice that this website now allows to link your profile to a cub website where I am sure now all the pedophiles are going. I can't stand this shit in furry websites.
by EatenRibs · 2 days ago

Tumblr is going doooooooown the toilet! :D

And so to combat this, I shall make a new place in which to call my home! [lb] [lb] For the few that follow my Tumblr please follow me on the links below so you don't miss anything from me! For the rest of my followers either stay tight or follow me there anyways! :D[lb] [lb] [url]https://themeshow101
by themeshow101 · 1 week ago

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$8 Sketch Commissions (Open)

Opening up for these again! Any Gender. Any Species Comment with ref to claim!~ Tos here: {} Examples: Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catb...
by Verbal.Catbuse · 3 weeks ago

Camp Fire and Commission Update

Apologies to those waiting on work, my parents and 4 dogs are still living with me after being evacuated from the Camp Fire
by Prydri · 3 weeks ago

FREE GIFT - Announcement coming Nov 22nd!

Stay tuned! Announcement coming Nov 22nd about a FREE GIFT! :D
by Temrin · 3 weeks ago

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Rainbow Rabbit Girl - Adopt for purchase

This is my first time doing a character adopt for the most part. I had a lot of fun drawing her and picking her colors. The new owner will receive a version of this picture without the watermark. She'
by Rae's Doodle House · 2 weeks ago

Chibi and Plushie YCH for purchase

I'm practicing my normal Chibi style so thus this was born. I will be selling two slots of this YCH for $15 each Coloring will be Flat (may change depending on my health condition) I will draw your ch
by Rae's Doodle House · 2 weeks ago

Headshot Ink for purchase

Note me your reference image and we will dicuss the details after you order.
by Artmonkey27 Commissions · 1 month ago



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by Mewscaper · 1 day ago


by Mewscaper · 1 day ago


by SawedOffSaws · 2 days ago

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Yoshi Fanatics!

1 week ago

Rae's Doodle House

A place for me to sell commissions and challenge myself.
2 weeks ago

Rae's Doodle House

2 weeks ago