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Over the past few months we have been tidying off some internals and general maintenance so theres not too much for you





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Visiting PR for a few weeks

Family related stuff
by FleurDeLynx · 1 day ago

New Cross Poster

I am going to try out a new cross posting app
by Assilsasta · 2 days ago

And That's That

And that's all the tumblr asks I have so of course if you have a question you'd like to ask feel free to here {} Thanks again for your patience I will continue to just ipload regular art until caught up to now which should be an...
by KanekoKumori · 3 days ago

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Streaming Urgent Commissions Tomorrow!

Streaming Urgent Commissions tomorrow on Picarto at 5pm EST. Come join me!
by DragonessDen · 12 hours ago

Weekly stream Schedule

Monday Mornings: 8:30 AM CST - 11:00 CST: Personal Projects or in process commissions Wednesday Evenings: 8:30 PM CST - 10:30 PM CST: Every other week Patreon wheel decide alternating with personal projects or in-process commissions Thursday Mornings: 8:30 am-10:30 AM CST- Sketch Commission Stream, (20 minute sketches) Alternating Saturday Evenings: 8:30 PM-10:30 PM CST: Sketch Commission Stream
by kandlin · 1 day ago

Come one, Come all

It's that time of a year again and hopefully the last time!!! I am going to be trying to save all the money I can to be able to fly back to Alaska. If all goes well I might be living out there this winter. However I am Open for commissions to try and raise some money because it is apparently goin...
by KanekoKumori · 5 days ago

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Commission for purchase

Whatever you want it to be.

Cell Shade for purchase

Cell Shade
by Commissions · 4 weeks ago

Flat Color for purchase

Flat Colors
by Commissions · 4 weeks ago



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Rastus Halcyon

Role-playing No
by Rastus Halcyon · 14 hours ago

Viktoria Knight

by Magpie · 16 hours ago


Wolf · Lesbian · Gemini
Role-playing No
by Lily · 22 hours ago

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