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After a long think about it and not too much interest in the site since its creation Furiffic will no longer be availabl
There was some server issues due to the disk filling up, i only happened to stumble apon randomly this morning, at first





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My final journal

Here be a reminder that you can still find me elsewhere before this site closes plus I have found a furiffic discord server you could join, so that you can reunite with old furiffic buds :3
by Hazel2 days ago

Where is new artworks?

Hey Sunny! Where is new artworks?[lb] They are all already on [url=https://www
by Sunny_Way5 days ago

Before FI closes: Where to find my work

My main places are: Patreon - {} (regular finished art + doodles and WIPs) Furaffinity - {} (all finished art) Deviantart - https://w...
by Anna of Draffectionates1 week ago

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Fundraiser success!

Come on in and help me support my friend! Request a commission: 馃敆 {} Further event details (like sketch examples, TOS, etc.): 馃敆 {https:...
by Malachyte14 hours ago

#JonasUnderwater Stream May 28th

Save the date! This Saturday, May 28th from 2-6pm ET I will be joining a team of artists and hosts to raise funds for my good friend Jonas on the Tamberlane twitch channel! As for many of us, the last year has not been kind
by Malachyte2 days ago

Telegram channel馃挅

[align=center]Just a small reminder that I have 2 Telegram channels, one with my art and the other with sales, YCH, cooms and adopts announcements c:
by CompleteAlienation2 days ago

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icon for purchase

If you want to highlight your profile or character, it's with the icon that starts ^^ Styles: semi realistic cartoon anime chibi
by plush store 3 months ago

Custom YCH for purchase

A free YCH.
by The Wuff Shop 4 months ago

Icon Commissions for purchase

by Zuno Den,, 7 months ago



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Faleeta Roo

by Taliyus1 hour ago

Bendt the Dewott

by TerryTheBlueFox22 hours ago


Role-playing No
by Tilly tillamook2 days ago

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