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Sorry for that.

Sorry for the disappointment
by themeshow101 · 1 hour ago

Had an amazing Nerf war at Metchosin today!

I got nearly 45 minutes of video to sort through, photos and all that jazz, had a great time flinging foam with the VFBA and I met another guy in the Crew Auxiliary, it was nice to have a team of veterans through today. I'm feeling a shower, a good sleep, and a Sunday at the editing desk with a b...

Weekly Update 8/24/2019

I am still reading about the various philosophies. I had a regular week. It was ended a little on a lower note albeit mostly for me worrying about moving closer to work. I did finally see the fact that the wear and tear on the car might be much less than I thought as far as miles put on it. I sti...
by Cardia John Scott · 19 hours ago

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Nevermind I'm actually streaming

This is what happens when you have social anxiety to the max, bleeeeh[lb] [lb] [lb] [url=https://picarto
by themeshow101 · 14 minutes ago

Streaming some arts!

by themeshow101 · 2 hours ago

Commissions closed until Sept!

by Nsyse · 1 week ago

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YCH for purchase

Please send one form per purchase! Pretty quick turnaround
by Fleur Commissions · 5 months ago

MLP Head Shot for purchase

Plain Color Background: $6.00 Simple Background: $7.00 Sketches: $3.00 (these come with a plain white background) Inks: $5.00 (these come with a plain white background) If you wish to color in the
by Estrada Shop · 6 months ago

MLP Ref Sheet for purchase

These sometime to do so they're another commission that will take sometime to do. $16.00 this comes with what's seen in the picture.
by Estrada Shop · 6 months ago



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Female · Snow-leopard · Pansexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Lav, Ket
Loving feline deeply into tech and a great angler. Can make a mean milkshake.
by foxpaws45 · 1 day ago


by MeganBryar · 4 days ago

Flynn Fox

by Drako Swiftclaw · 4 days ago

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