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Made for Kids Content to Not For Children Videos?

You put Made for Kids Content to Not For Children Videos? It's a Mistake. TIME TO REMOVE MADE FOR KIDS CONTENT ON NO KID FRIENDLY CONTENT AND PUT THE VIDEOS TO NOT FOR KIDS except YouTube for Kids!
by Emeraldia · 1 day ago

Last Health Update

[align=center]Hello everyone, it has been a little while since the last update I made and this time I have news
by DragonBoii78 · 2 days ago

Feral Pixel Base Set w/ Swappable Parts!

It's only $5! Plus you get updates for free after purchasing it
by Bab · 3 days ago

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Will be streaming for a few hours
by Penlink · 21 hours ago @ 6pm CST

Streaming the commission queue, starting at 6pm CST[lb] https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago


Streaming the arts! [lb] [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 1 week ago

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Your fursona as Pokémon for purchase

Just tell me what type your want to be and I make a Pokémon based on that out of your fursona. I will invent basically a new Pokémon and not using existing ones. Additional evolutions or special for
by Kanrei's Commissions · 1 month ago

Full Body, fully shaded with simple background for purchase

Full body picture, fully shaded with simple background.
by Kanrei's Commissions · 1 month ago

Badge for purchase

Bust or head of your fursona plus name, plus simple colored or one color background. Can be drawn digital, with pencils or with copics. If you choose a copic or pencil picture, shipping cost will be a
by Kanrei's Commissions · 1 month ago



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Male · Fox · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing Yes
by kaotez · 1 hour ago

Amedha Dai Shui

Male · Gecko · Pansexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Ame
by kaotez · 2 hours ago


Nonbinary · Bat · Virgo
Role-playing No
smol queer bat
by Mori · 16 hours ago

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Pokemon Lounge

2 weeks ago

K-Pop Furs

K-poppies stan this group.
3 weeks ago