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July 15th update

[color=#000000; font-weight: 400]It's the middle of the month and I don't have anything to say, but
by Vangabond · 3 days ago

Weekly Update 7/14/2019

Got a lot of things that happened to me over the week. I went to the doctor on wednesday. He agrees that it was probably me losing all the weight. He prescribed me some prednisone for the tailbone pain and has me an ibuprofin regimen. The prednisone is only for seven days and the ibuprofin will c...
by Reogold · 4 days ago

Dodged a Bullet ?

[color=#000000; font-weight: 400]So, remember a few days ago when I said there was a potential storm in the gulf? And how it could be Harvey 2
by Vangabond · 4 days ago

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Commission Update

[align=center]╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮[lb] ・。・゜Follow Me Here ゜・。・[lb] ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯[lb] [url=http://www
by DragonBoii78 · 1 day ago

tarot and rune readings

on the advice of a friend I will now take Tarot and rune reading commissions. paypal me $20 and you can either ask me the question or see what the cards have to say. I work 40+ outside in 90+ heat, and it's a hour drive there and back each day, so it might take a couple days to do your reading. P...
by straycat_74 · 2 days ago

Streaming Lewd Vore

by LittleRover · 2 days ago

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YCH for purchase

Please send one form per purchase! Pretty quick turnaround
by Fleur Commissions · 4 months ago

MLP Head Shot for purchase

Plain Color Background: $6.00 Simple Background: $7.00 Sketches: $3.00 (these come with a plain white background) Inks: $5.00 (these come with a plain white background) If you wish to color in the
by Estrada Shop · 5 months ago

MLP Ref Sheet for purchase

These sometime to do so they're another commission that will take sometime to do. $16.00 this comes with what's seen in the picture.
by Estrada Shop · 5 months ago



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by Luca7788 · 1 day ago

Hatina Bringerwolf

Role-playing Yes
by xiardoruzo · 1 day ago


by Victor · 5 days ago

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