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Hello everyone!

For those who haven't ever met me before: (especially since if this is done right, this journal entry is going out to a few new places) Hello! I'm Terinas Tiger, I'm a kinky writer with big ideas and a list of successes and failures a mile wide
by TerinasTiger · 1 day ago

by Xin Jin Meng · 2 days ago

Tired of idiots mocking the Furry Fandom

This sort of crap was "amusing" back in the early 2000s when there wasn't much going on to look down upon. Nowadays some dumbass on "yootoobe" bringing up furries for the sake of wanting to make furry bashing relevant still is pretty tragic. Besides kids on places like 4chan I don't see how this ...
by RDK · 3 days ago

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FatherGrunge's Commissions

Commissions are open! Pricing is in the example below. If you're interested please send me a message! Commissions Info {/FatherGrunge/view/177080} Terms of Service: Commissions will not be posted until payment is received. Reposting is allowed WITH CREDIT |||Will Draw:|||Anthro/Furry/Scalie Hu...
by FatherGrunge · 1 day ago

Commissions on the back seat

Hello guys, if you commissioned me recently, I've got into a gig that's keeping me busy for the weekend, so just be a little patient that I'll get back to doing comms :)
by Feliscede · 2 days ago


PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL: {Email:} Refer to this journal entry for my commission options, information, and prices. I will be updating this as time goes on, so check back for any changes. Please read through all of my rules carefully ...
by Schlund · 4 days ago

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Panty Shot for purchase

A provocative lil panty view for your female furry.
by Angelcloak's YCHs · 5 days ago

Your fursona as Pokémon for purchase

Just tell me what type your want to be and I make a Pokémon based on that out of your fursona. I will invent basically a new Pokémon and not using existing ones. Additional evolutions or special for
by Kanrei's Commissions · 4 months ago

Full Body, fully shaded with simple background for purchase

Full body picture, fully shaded with simple background.
by Kanrei's Commissions · 4 months ago



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Nonbinary · Husky · Bisexual · Gemini
Role-playing No
Nicknames Ri
by Pinestripe · 5 hours ago

kaltt deelohial

Male · Lynx · Bisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Friends
Fluufy, active, creative and playfully-
by Kaltt Deelohial · 7 hours ago


Female · Dog · Bisexual · Taurus
Role-playing No
by SparkOfRuby · 9 hours ago

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