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I want to apologize if you see art posted that gets taken down a day later, while I know art is meant to be fun I still try to have some quality control. So yeah, that explains the odd habit I have, when something is taken down, a better version is expected.
by KingOfYiffies · 2 days ago

summer start + Iron artist! come and suggest!!

Well well well! Summer is technically start for me! :D I wanna do a cool thing this summer! an IRON ARTIST! What an Iron Artist is? Technically,do 100 arts on 100 days! The point is do one per day, but my objetive is just do 100 And what means to you? well,here comes the point.100 arts in 100 day...
by Elmont · 2 days ago
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An introduction

Hello, I am new to this site. I come from furaffinity and deviantart. The reason why I joined here is because furaffinity is getting too politically correct and cracking down on quite a bit of free speech and humor that is ridiculously considered offensive and deviantart is becoming inactive. I a...
by WeegeeTheGabumon · 3 days ago

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★ Art Commissions ★

||||||will do both sfw and nsfw|||||| ||Grayscale||$30 full body sketch One full body sketch, simple grayscale applied. Sketch Page $25 sketch page A page with 3 to 5 rough sketches. No grayscale. ||Chibi||Full body in a chibi style $40 flat color + $10 shaded ||Illustration|| Fully rendere...
by Suraimu-Yu · 18 hours ago


Come hang out @ [url]https://picarto
by Hileksel · 6 days ago

Streaming! I'm Improving, Wanna Watch?

Hey, I'm streaming @ https://picarto
by Hileksel · 1 week ago

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Moon Designs for purchase

This item is available for 40 DeviantART points (40 cents in US currency.) Please visit this page {} to purchase.
by Cosmic Designs Catalogue · 3 weeks ago

Red Fox Yarn Tail for purchase

Ready to ship! Red fox yarn tail, realistic and expertly crafted!
by Drake's Yarn Tails · 3 weeks ago

Single Icon/Headshot for purchase

A coloured and shaded single headshot of your character. Can come in PNG format with either a transparent or coloured background, whichever you prefer.
by Feral's Commissions Corner · 1 month ago



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by Calbeck · 1 day ago

Empress Isadora

by Calbeck · 1 day ago


Female · Wolf dragon · Confused · Scorpio
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Lucy, Lulu, Lu
My main fursona and in a way a representation of myself.
by Lucia · 2 days ago

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