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Black City and the Future

=11ptAfter some deliberation and talking with my Patrons on Discord; I have decided to keep Black City on indefinite hiatus
by Spice Devil · 2 days ago

April 15th update

It's the middle of the month again
by Vangabond · 4 days ago

Some Random facts about me

TBH i just made this as an excuse to post something besides art or writing for once and depending on when this is posted it will be the day before or after the April 15th update[lb] [list][lb] [*]My Actual first name is Payton, which my fursona also has the same name[lb] [*]I am Right Handed[lb] [*]I am from Texas in the United States and is a bit obvious which city live in[lb] [*]I listen to electronic dance music (edm) and I like progressive house drum and bass and trap music to be exact
by Vangabond · 6 days ago

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Live Streams

I am currently live @ {}
by Filix · 1 day ago

Easter Stream Saturday!

Easter Stream Saturday! >> [url=https://www
by Jasmae · 3 days ago

Starting Stream =3

Hey, starting up a stream again~ Come join~ x3 https://picarto
by Lunaris_Parukia · 1 week ago

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YCH for purchase

Please send one form per purchase! Pretty quick turnaround
by Fleur Commissions · 1 month ago

MLP Head Shot for purchase

Plain Color Background: $6.00 Simple Background: $7.00 Sketches: $3.00 (these come with a plain white background) Inks: $5.00 (these come with a plain white background) If you wish to color in the
by Estrada Shop · 2 months ago

MLP Ref Sheet for purchase

These sometime to do so they're another commission that will take sometime to do. $16.00 this comes with what's seen in the picture.
by Estrada Shop · 2 months ago



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by Sal · 1 day ago


Female · Red-panda · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Lock
by Lockgrey · 3 days ago


Nonbinary · Ninetales · Asexual, lesbian · Pisces
Role-playing No
Nicknames dogs
A ninetales pokesona I'm working on.
by Dogs-in-a-Trenchcoat · 4 days ago

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