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January 15th update

an update
by Vangabond · 1 day ago

A quick update

I might not post on main sites like Deviantrt or FurAffinity until I build up enough artwork to start posting in a consistent manner
by SR20_Weasel · 1 day ago

what sould I do this year?

NOT A REQUEST JOURNAL well,new year,new stuff! I have some ideas for art for this year...but I would like to listen what you all would like to see from me! -w- I have in mind try to do some sonic-girls stuff (because we all love rouge tits :D ), more Whoopie arts and i wanna do ore mato and Garoé...
by Elmont · 2 days ago

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Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! <3[lb] [lb] I am streaming today from now til, whenever, working on a shaded full body com for fenflash
by Jasmae · 3 days ago


by StrawberryCucumber · 4 days ago

Working offline today <3

Yesterday I expected to be streaming today but I'll be working offline! Just a heads up <3[lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 6 days ago

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Rainbow Rabbit Girl - Adopt for purchase

This is my first time doing a character adopt for the most part. I had a lot of fun drawing her and picking her colors. The new owner will receive a version of this picture without the watermark. She'
by Rae's Doodle House · 1 month ago

Chibi and Plushie YCH for purchase

I'm practicing my normal Chibi style so thus this was born. I will be selling two slots of this YCH for $15 each Coloring will be Flat (may change depending on my health condition) I will draw your ch
by Rae's Doodle House · 1 month ago

Headshot Ink for purchase

Note me your reference image and we will dicuss the details after you order.
by Artmonkey27 Commissions · 2 months ago



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Dyaneil Zalex Cisemi

Male · Parrot · Bisexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Dyanei
A slinking sniper who always manages to stay one step ahead of his enemies and manages to create ...
by KonnarDevarents · 2 days ago


Transgender · Cat · Heterosexual · Virgo
Role-playing No
by Marinyah Moonlight · 2 days ago


Male · Goat · Questioning · Pisces
Role-playing Yes
A goat who wants to do good things in the world
by BorkingAce · 4 days ago

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