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Fray has landed

In his new home
by LittleRover · 1 day ago

Leaving For Good

As I stated on my profile, I'm really, really sad with how abandoned this site is. I'm leaving for good and I do not really plan on coming back. There are way too many disappointments attached to this site and its staff/owner. Find me on FA or IB idk
by Jooper · 3 days ago

Art trade status

Art trades closed
by Elmont · 6 days ago

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Streaming some Animal Crossing

Keep me company? ^
by Mykell Wildfire · 5 hours ago

Streaming on Twitch!

Oh hai![lb] [lb] Streaming some Animal Crossing on Twitch if anyone wants to join
by Mykell Wildfire · 1 week ago

Last Round of Commissions before closing! (OPEN)

I've been wanting to do this for a little bit, so here goes![lb] [lb] I want to temporarily close up shop to revamp some things and get some personal stuff done, but
by Miss Rina · 1 week ago

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Your fursona as Pokémon for purchase

Just tell me what type your want to be and I make a Pokémon based on that out of your fursona. I will invent basically a new Pokémon and not using existing ones. Additional evolutions or special for
by Kanrei's Commissions · 2 months ago

Full Body, fully shaded with simple background for purchase

Full body picture, fully shaded with simple background.
by Kanrei's Commissions · 2 months ago

Badge for purchase

Bust or head of your fursona plus name, plus simple colored or one color background. Can be drawn digital, with pencils or with copics. If you choose a copic or pencil picture, shipping cost will be a
by Kanrei's Commissions · 2 months ago



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by Kazy · 8 hours ago


by postponedmovies · 2 days ago


by postponedmovies · 2 days ago

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Singapore Airlines Fur

Singapore Airlines
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