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Second August update

Hey it’s been a while, but i kinda lied about me not having anything planned for this month, the truth is I am yet again working on a project… but it has been in editing hell since the start of this month. However despite this I might as well start posting the stories I had written along with an...
by Vangabond · 10 hours ago
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My patreon has been compromised

If anyone still is following me on such place TAKE ME OFF IMMEDIATELY as it has been compromised and most likely the turd responsible might try to get your money and info. I was right in not bothering with such place to begin with and now I can be assured that I have no reason to bother with it.
by RDK · 14 hours ago

Discarded StarFox characters revealed

Been checking out leaks that have been in circulation for a while and found out that there were quite a number of planned characters to be used in a discarded game planned. Most of them female too which leads me to believe Rule 34 will not be too far off. Link to the post in question- https://t...
by RDK · 1 day ago

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Streaming 🔞 #nsfw

You let me complicate you
by Xin Jin Meng · 3 days ago

Commissions closed!

All slots taken and even more! Thanks everyone![lb] Commissions closed!
by Sunny_Way · 1 week ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![lb] [lb] [/b]So
by Sunny_Way · 1 week ago

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$5 Manga Cameo YCH (August) for purchase

Your character will be included in AniApt ~Animal Apartment~ episode 8! Buy at {}
by YCH: Manga Cameo · 4 days ago

$16 Foo Dog Adopts! [4 OPEN] for purchase

Please comment or PM me which one you'd like! Base by Geekidog {} 1). OPEN 2). OPEN 3). OPEN 4). OPEN
by Carmabella's Commissions · 2 weeks ago

"Bean" Adopt for purchase

DM me to purchase _______ Do Not Resell Do not use for commercial Purposes Payment for Adopts will be accepted on Ko-Fi You agree upon purchase that you will not remove the signature/watermark on t
by Caktus Juice Adopts · 3 weeks ago



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Male · Lion · Pansexual · Scorpio
Role-playing No
A young lion man who has had a tragic life up until now. He's been on his own for as long as he c...
by Keisuke_Shibe · 4 hours ago


Female · Dog · Bisexual · Aquarius
Role-playing No
A sweet, kind and empathetic girl. She's highly intuitive and very bright. However, Sakura suffer...
by Keisuke_Shibe · 4 hours ago


by Fleet Wing Art · 5 hours ago

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YCH: Manga Cameo

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