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Time for another update, if you haven't seen our Twitter yet, we will be updating that more frequently then we will post
We have updated our Twitter to keep you more up to date with smaller updates, we also posted the first mockup of Furiffi





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Turkey Day update

Hey everyone I'm going to do a progress report on "Season 1" of the rebels of gaia so far i have roughly 陆 of the story written i just need to clean it up a lot and it will be ready for posting hopefully by December 1st 2020 (i have written enough so that there is a backlog)
by Vangabond2 days ago
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馃尡Clip Studio Paint is ON SALE art program

by Uluri2 days ago

Your semi-regular seasonal event reminder

Most of you are probably ignoring this, and that's okay
by Daaberlicious2 days ago

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馃尡DeviantArt Secret Santa

by Uluri4 days ago

Showing Off Other Artists

I know i haven't been posting much ( reasons im not sure if i should post about ) , but i'm working on some pieces[lb] I've been yeen crazy with Shindel tho and i wanted to share some images i commissioned ( i see no point in reposting the art -[lb] when i can give the artist attention directly by spreading the word )[lb] [lb] [lb] Pic 1 by axxxel https://www
by Metroxix3c1 week ago

Free art Raffle on FA [sig boost]

by Uluri1 week ago

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YCH for purchase

by Mazinga669's Magic Commissions 4 weeks ago

YCH Portraits for purchase

YCH $5 fixed price! (USD) You will get a 500x500 image, or you can have 1080x1080 if you wish so! You can see examples and previous commissions HERE. {
by xdontyoufakeit Commissions 1 month ago

Fully Colored for purchase

Fully colored drawings.
by Silver's Commissions 2 months ago



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Role-playing No
by Carduelis19 hours ago


Role-playing No
Jenna is Aedel's girlfriend. They met at the university. She loves to attend various festivals, e...
by Carduelis1 day ago


by ScalesNStings3 days ago

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