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So its been a long long time, and over the years ive had it at the back of my mind of what to do with this site and kind
Time for another update, if you haven't seen our Twitter yet, we will be updating that more frequently then we will post





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Why i created this acc

I made this acc to fully express how much i hate black people uwu my ex friend Split {/The_banana_splits} is black and i hate her because she's a black ugly fat bitch uwu and if anyone who is subscribed to her and disagrees with what i said your a ugly fat bitch to uwu
by Toxy3 hours ago


So for this Toxy {/FuntimeTox453} person i just want to speak with you for a few seconds because my friend Split {/The_banana_splits} told me what you said to her i just wanted you to know she didn't actually mean anything she said in the journals and she didn't mean anything she said to you eith...
by Pastel-Dollie-guts4 hours ago

馃尡:D Finally Updated my OC List

My OC List: [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri4 hours ago

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Summer Fun Group YCH?

I've done so many of these things, buuut
by Lulu Amore20 hours ago


[b]COMMISSIONS CLOSED[/b][lb] Thanks everyone! <3[lb] I'll try to answer as soon as possible :>
by Sunny_Way5 days ago

Commissions open! Last hours!

[b]Commissions open![/b][lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 11th of April 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after this date, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way5 days ago

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The Sky for purchase

Use at will my friendos
by free arts shop 3 weeks ago

old design 4 sale for purchase

old neonjewel design i scrapped ages ago. You can rename or recolor this at will to make it truly your own.
by free arts shop 4 weeks ago

Sketch/Flat Coloring for purchase

Sketch with flat coloring. Price increases along with the number of characters and details.
by blackquestant seller den 2 months ago



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Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Toxic
A racist lgbtphobic cyberbully uwu
by Toxy3 hours ago


FemaleHuman/lion crossQuestioningAries
Role-playing No
Nicknames Allison, Ally, Synthesis
by Lucybus4 hours ago


OtherProtogen (cyber critter)AsexualTaurus
Role-playing No
by NeonStudios3 days ago

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Hazel's Hangout

For those who enjoy Hazel's kawaii creations! ^-^
4 days ago