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So its been a long long time, and over the years ive had it at the back of my mind of what to do with this site and kind
Time for another update, if you haven't seen our Twitter yet, we will be updating that more frequently then we will post





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I’m not a “toxic harasser and bully”

Come on. I haven’t insulted you. I have never harassed you. Can’t we just let this end? The only thing I did was ask you to stop doing something that violated MY copyright (art theft). And you didn’t, so you got rightfully banned on your old account. And now you’re initiating worthless drama.
by Lucybus · 30 minutes ago

Okay y'know what

Grow up Lucybus {/LucybusTheGoddess} your being immature by making these journals Your toxic your a harasser and bully and you need to mind your own business if someone mentions you in a journal don't do the same thing just let them vent let them talk about their experience.
by Pastel~chan · 2 hours ago

Ohhhhh shit.

now i'm straight up being called toxic. You really kidding me?
by Lucybus · 3 hours ago

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Yo yo Yo!

I forgot what I was gonna say :'D Oh yeh, I am thinking about jump from Picarto to Piczel finally, like permannent The chat is better, I can multistream and even save the streams! feels more like twitch Also tlaking about that, I am "technically" open for multistreams :'D and talking about that, ...
by Elmont · 22 hours ago

LAST DAY of CozyCon Online - SALES!

Last day of CozyCon Online is here! No stream today but you can still get 20-50% off Etsy and Gumroad which has stickers, zines/books, blacklight reactive charms, badges, magnets, high res art bundles and much more! This includes Canvas Swap Zine content as well! (Check thread fo details!)[lb] [lb] Some items only have a few left in stock and wont be re-ordered and some have partial proceeds going to charity![lb] [lb] Use code "CCO2021" for 20-50% off your entire order on[lb] Etsy: https://wildelementstudios
by Temrin · 1 day ago

How to Secure a Commission

Super short version: Go to my personal page {} and click on a listing to order a commission. If no listings are available, it means I'm full. Subscribe to email alerts to be notified when I open. It's been a while since I last explained my process for takin...
by Malachyte · 2 days ago

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The Sky for purchase

Use at will my friendos
by free arts shop · 1 month ago

old design 4 sale for purchase

old neonjewel design i scrapped ages ago. You can rename or recolor this at will to make it truly your own.
by free arts shop · 1 month ago

Sketch/Flat Coloring for purchase

Sketch with flat coloring. Price increases along with the number of characters and details.
by blackquestant seller den · 3 months ago



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by Pastel~chan · 1 day ago


by Biscotti · 1 day ago

Vinyl Scratch

by Eskerata · 2 days ago

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1 week ago

Hong Kong Furries

only from Hong Kong people to join this
2 weeks ago