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There was some server issues due to the disk filling up, i only happened to stumble apon randomly this morning, at first
Hey all! as you may have noticed, the current plans of making a V2 is been set on hold due to some behind the scene thin





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Oh yeah

The Guardians of Dreams (+ The Knights of Darkness Story that already finished but is tied to the project) Will End on November 5th 2021 not this Friday but Next Friday
by Vangabond · 1 day ago
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Wow, Been a uh.. Long time Hello!

So; I don't even remember this account anymore. I know I had a couple due to constant switching issues with usernames. Um; it's- Did yall know I'm 28 now? LAst time I was on here was 23-24 so it's been a uh long time. Honestly; debating on actually being active here, I have been trying to be act...
by Astraeus · 1 day ago
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Hey all, I've been kinda gone.

I actually.... Haven't been on here in a very long time. Last time was when I was 23, I'm 28 now; so that's a really long time. I'm trying to find a different site out there in the world to host my characters, stories and the like on it. FA is great but I am saddened by it sometimes. If anyone kn...
by Spazz Twizzler · 1 day ago

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Hello, everybody! Penna here![lb] [lb] I'm [b]officially opening commissions[/b] for the second time in the year
by Impenna · 16 hours ago


howdy everyone! my partner has a secure job now, but since my disabilities prevent me from working, in order to help support us both i have raised my commission prices! thank you for your understanding, i look forward to drawing for yall in the future! :}
by frillious · 1 week ago

Free Art Raffle [Hosted by Me]

Raffle is Here: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 2 weeks ago

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Icon Commissions for purchase

by Zuno Den,, · 2 weeks ago

Sugar and Spice Deer Adopts for purchase

Method: Apple Pay Only. P.S. That will Represent Sugar and Spice.
by Adoptables · 1 month ago

Juniper for purchase

A cute jackalope girl who is ready to explore the world with a new owner. PayPal only. When purchased I will remove the watermark, but my signature will remain. Once paid for you can do as you wish w
by Fae’s Fur Shelter · 1 month ago



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Female · Skunk · Lesbian ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sexy, roseie
by Patreo · 17 hours ago


by Charrio · 1 day ago

Päiviö Selänne

Role-playing No
by PaivioSelanne · 4 days ago

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