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After a long think about it and not too much interest in the site since its creation Furiffic will no longer be availabl
There was some server issues due to the disk filling up, i only happened to stumble apon randomly this morning, at first





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About Me and my New Profile

I am using "What I would do if I could do anything? Write about you," series as my profile on websites with the premise of: As you get to know me, I will get to know you because I don't mind knowing folks especially if we have similar interests
by Cardia John Scott · 2 days ago

What I would Do if I could do anything?

What I would Do if I could do anything? Write about you
by Cardia John Scott · 2 days ago

Jelly's progress so far

Hello! It's been a bit since Jelly successfully got through his surgery, and things have definitely been eventful @v@ Overall, he is doing well and healing up. He's able to get around on 3 legs incredibly well, and has been getting 10x more head pats this week than ever before, ha ha. That said,...
by Malachyte · 4 days ago

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Commissions Open

If you are considering commissioning me, please check out my Terms of Service: Commission Terms of Service {} And then fill out my Commission Form, so that I can get back to you with a price: Commission Form {
by Ryn · 3 days ago

I've updated my website and prices! Check it out!

[align=center]Hello everyone![lb] [lb] [lb] I have updated my website along with my prices! My website is now more stream-lined and less cluttered than previously, the prices are also easier to see under each example
by Isca · 3 days ago

★Commission Open★

[align=center]★ Hello and Thank You for your interest in my artwork! ★[lb] [url=https://sta
by Ryn · 3 days ago

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icon for purchase

If you want to highlight your profile or character, it's with the icon that starts ^^ Styles: semi realistic cartoon anime chibi
by plush store · 2 months ago

Custom YCH for purchase

A free YCH.
by The Wuff Shop · 4 months ago

Icon Commissions for purchase

by Zuno Den,, · 7 months ago



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by Voltek · 4 days ago

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