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Other additional fees that didn't fit on the sheet:
Mechanical parts: +$5 per applicable character
Taurs/wings: +$5 per applicable character
Extra heads: +$2.50 each
Additional edits: +$1~5 each, depending on number of changes
Other complexities: Ask.

If you want something simpler, like an icon or bust: I'll reduce the base price based on how much of the character I'm not drawing. Note that this is only for single-character pieces, and any of the additional fees listed above are applied to the final price.
Full body: Full price
From the waist up: 50% off
Chest up: 60% off
Head and shoulders: 80% off.

I also do reference sheets for $45 each (add $10 if you want both a clean and an adult version). You get flat colors, profile text, notes, three views, three expressions, and up to three supplemental close-ups.

...come to think of it, I'm not actually sure offhand what the rules are for advertising commissions here. But if you want one, just fill out the form.

Payment is due when we agree on the sketch. I know a lot of other artists send an invoice as soon as they accept the request, but my sketches are dogshitfar enough from the finished product that I'm not too worried about getting scammed.

More examples:

Raex vs. Lynx - Flat color, single character, simple background - $20
Kioni - Cel-shaded, single character, mechanical, taur, complex background - $45

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