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Hello there! My name's Abandon3dRain but feel free to call me Rain!

I just recently found this site when looking for new art sites to join

I mostly post to deviantart but I'll do my best to be active here too!

Nice to meet you all!

I mostly draw very vibrant sparkly artwork, I love Lisa Frank and sparkledogs!

I don't do so well drawing dull colored characters so I try to limit that.


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03/08/2019 23:10


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Species: dog
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: sleepy
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Artist Type: digital artist
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AbandonedRain posted

25/08/2018 21:38

Hey guys! I finally remembered my login info so I'll be back to posting here!

Theo Graziano posted to AbandonedRain

24/04/2018 18:44

I looove your art style ^^

AbandonedRain ยท 26/04/2018 16:52

Thank you so much! I used to be in the generic "emo dog" scene but I was never really happy with it and keeping the general style in terms of colors and detail. I wanted to start doing things I love into my style and now here I am ^v^

AbandonedRain posted

15/04/2018 21:12

Hey there! Prepare for a bit of art spam! I'm going to post some of my old-fashioned yet new work up until my most recent!

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