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Keha was born into a loving family. He showed an early interest and talent for acting. He quickly became a child actor and spent a large portion of his youth building his career. He was managed by his father which took a toll on the family since he was often travelling with Keha from set to set and auditions. In time his parents divorced and he felt guilt over it.

He had an ambition in his mind to play a role in a western throughout his career and a role was finally offered to him when he was 16 and in rut with little work coming his way. He appeared in Guns of Destiny a western film that was a box office disaster. The film has since gone on to be considered cursed and many associated with the production have since failed to revive their careers.

Keha has since returned home to Staffinburg, Texas. He finished up high school reunited with his best friend Erevan but has been met with only failure since graduation. With no job nor any prospects he returns to living with his mother as well in the small neighborhood he and others often picked on as being the poor side of town.

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1.82 Meters · 5 Feet, 11.65 Inches


90.71Kg · 14 Stone, 3.98 Pound

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light muscled

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