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Just a Starving Artist, as any other hehe. [Gay, Furry Artist, NSFW if asked]


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War at Venezuela, I'm worried.

Hi there, Acid here writing with some bad news
8 months ago


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10 months ago


Male · Fox · Gay · Gemini
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10 months ago


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I lost. posted to AcidChu

10 months ago

Love the mouse c:

AcidChu · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

hehehe ^^ nice thankies, just don't try to eat him...

I lost. · 10 months ago

I'll try my absolute best 

AcidChu · 10 months ago · 2 Replies

hmmm you could end being impalled by a crystal claymore or being transformed into gold, or maybe just be turned into mercury... dont mess with an alchemist... even more if its the master of the alchemist guild

I lost. · 10 months ago

No mere toothpick could ever bring me down, mouse. 

I lost. · 10 months ago

AcidChu · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

hehehe theres always a first time for everything

I lost. · 10 months ago

Do it

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