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Rory // He - Him - His // College Student

Hey there!
Name's Rory, I'm a 17-year-old animation student and digital artist from England, with a diploma in animal management.
I specialise more in drawing animals (namely canines), although I do venture into anthro every now and again. You won't find many humans here; the closest probably being Undertale fanart.
Feel free to take a look around, leave a comment, or send me a note.


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Tablet Trouble

So my tablet's started disconnecting from my laptop whenever I move (I work on my bed, since I don't have a desk, so there's a few shifts and changes because it's not the most comfortable place to sit.) I think it's a wire issue, but if it is I don't have any way to replace it since I'm super sup...
12/06/2017 13:22


Heya guys! I am super low on money and getting a job is turning out to be a near impossible venture, so here’s a reminder that I am still open for commissions! Below this paragraph, you’ll find my commission information and different prices for all the things I can draw! I may add badges on too, ...
30/01/2017 00:09


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Nonbinary · Wolf · Asexual · Cancer
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Nicknames Rors, Ace, Swiss
06/01/2017 09:56


Lyeox posted to Rory

22/01/2017 21:54

You have super nice art!! I love it aaaa

Rory · 22/01/2017 23:19


Floyd Filly posted to Rory

12/12/2016 02:05

(See your profile picture and then dabs)

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