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Published: 30/01/2017 00:09

Heya guys! I am super low on money and getting a job is turning out to be a near impossible venture, so here’s a reminder that I am still open for commissions! Below this paragraph, you’ll find my commission information and different prices for all the things I can draw! I may add badges on too, I’m thinking about it~

Things I’m saving for this year.

I will not draw: Sexual themes, spiders and insects, trypophobia inducing images. 
I will draw: Animals, gore (within reason). I’m not used to drawing humans but I’m willing to try.

Please inquire about anything else.

Payment method: Of course, PayPal money is preferred over Points. Once the commission content has been decided, I’ll ask you to pay half before I start working on it; and the rest once it’s done. As I can’t get a PayPal yet, I am using a friend’s, so it may take a little bit before I know the payment has gone through.

Please PM/Note me for further information or to set up a commission.

Feel free to check in about the status of your commission, but please don’t pester me about it daily, thank you.


Linework - £10
Line + Colour - £15
Line, Colour + Shade - £20


Linework - £15
Line + Colour - £20
Line, Colour + Shade - £25

Full Feral

Linework - £20
Line + Colour - £25
Line, Colour + Shade - £30

Full Body

Linework - £25
Line + Colour - £30
Line, Colour + Shade - £35

Simple Reference Sheet

- £30

Add a simple background - +£5
Add a complex background - +£10
Add another character - +£10

money converter, for those not using GBP.
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