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Tablet Trouble

Published: 12/06/2017 13:22

So my tablet's started disconnecting from my laptop whenever I move (I work on my bed, since I don't have a desk, so there's a few shifts and changes because it's not the most comfortable place to sit.)
I think it's a wire issue, but if it is I don't have any way to replace it since I'm super super broke.

So here's a reminder whilst I still have a working tablet that my commissions are open, and I'll be able to get my own PayPal, RedBubble, and KoFi (though I haven't done much research into the latter) next month.
I will be taking two weeks break in July, for a holiday and my birthday, but otherwise I can work on things all summer between my personal works and researching university, also trying to get a job.

- Rory

(P.S. I have a RedBubble already, but I’m holding off selling things there until I turn 18)

UPDATE: There's a split in the wire towards the end of the connection on the tablet side. We called Curry's (where I got the tablet) and they said that the damage would probably come under wear and tear and would not be covered by the warranty. So we're gonna try to twist it a bit when we go in-store and just say that the tablet won't connect or disconnects at random to see if that would be covered instead.
So that might work, and it might not, or they might be out of stock.
If anyone wants to get me a blue Intuos Draw for my birthday though that would be lit if this doesn't work (I'm jk, of course.)

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