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Name: Lyall

Age: 18yrs

Gender: Nonbinary - presenting male.

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Romantic orientation: Panromantic

Species: Dog (Canis Familiaris)

Height: 5ft2

Weight: 10st

Main traits: Fluctuates between loud and quiet, can be overly shy or overly confident. He's very guarded in some areas but trusts too easily in others, assumes the worst of people and events often and can get stuck on them to an obsessive point. He can be excitable, and tends to get overexcited before calming down. Lyall is almost permanently tired, and is always looking for a distraction from his own thoughts, mostly because they can get very self-depreciating. He stresses out easily, but also procrastinates so doesn't really help himself. Even if he's still, he is usually jittering or tapping; he's always moving.

 Being physically alone with the ability to talk to others without face-to-face interaction, staying up all night, roleplay, caffeine, Doctor Who, Sherlock, some animes, video games, YouTube, safety, warmth, cuddles.

Dislikes: Crowded places, being tired, confusion, not having labels, fear, collections of holes, spiders/insects, stress, too many things at once, groups of new people, talking over the phone, being ignored, feeling unwanted or left out (he's very much the attention seeker), being left to think too long.

Spiked collar reference: http://www.chelseadogs.com/studded-leather-dog-collars

Character and art belong to me, please do not copy, trace, heavily reference, or repost.

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