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In real life, I’m a single 26 years old man from France
and a digital 2D (sometimes 3D) artist at my spare time.
I also like to be represented as a wild submissive herm dragon named Keluna.

My objective on this website is to make friends and share my creations.
I have ONE creation in particular I hope to make soon, which is a big comic project named


Yeah, very original, I know. But Akelun is, in my case, not just my username,
but also the name of the world I imagined for this fantasy comic.

In this project, and so in my world, we will follow the adventures of Kawa,
a probably 21 years old human woman who wakes up on a human city, at the South of Akel…


Akel is probably the last and only lands that remains above the oceans of Akelun
since a catastrophic meteor strikes almost destroyed the world 191 years ago.

Though, the meteorits brought with them new materials… and a new energy:
the “ZENGEN”.

This energy helps the humans and the dragons to get powers.
Not too much powers, but enough to give birth to extraordinary and spectacular fights.

And these powers are used a lot, since all human nations are in a very unstable peace state…
and since humans and dragons still search to figure out how to live together.

In a world like this, will Kawa be able to discover who she was and find a goal in her future life?

Current artist status:

- Art trade: Mostly with friends, but you can ask. I don’t bite. ;)
- Freebies: Not for the moment.
- Commissions: Open.
- YCH: If there’s not in my gallery, then, there’s no YCH.
- Adopts / Palette colours / etc…: Will probably NEVER open.


You can contact me on the websites showed below, or directly by mail with the address:


Websites to follow me at:

→ SFW only
→ WIPs and done work in 1280p
→ http://akelun.tumblr.com/

Tumblr NSFW
→ NSFW only (+18 y)
→ WIPs and done work in 1280p
→ http://akelun-nsfw.tumblr.com/warning

Tumblr reblogs
→ SFW only
→ For tumblr articles I find useful
→ http://akelun-reblogs.tumblr.com/


→ SFW only
→ Done work in the highest resolution
→ https://akelun.deviantart.com/


→ SFW and NSFW (+18 y)
→ Done work, displayable in the highest resolution
→ https://www.weasyl.com/~akelun


→ SFW and NSFW (+18 y)
→ Done work, displayable in the highest resolution
→ https://akelun.sofurry.com/


→ SFW and NSFW (+18 y)
→ Done work in 1280p
→ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/akelun/


→ SFW only
→ Mostly for tweets I find useful
→ https://twitter.com/AkelunProd

Programms used most of the time:


→ http://blender.org


→ http://krita.org

Artists who helped me a lot:


→ Is a very good friend and helped me a lot to draw muscles.
→ Made an art trade with him.


→ Is an artist I really respect and who made 2 freebies for me of my dragoness Astra.
→ I don't know her really, but she deserves respect and attention. Her artworks are wonderful! ♥


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Thank you for the favs too!

Akelun · 09/08/2018 21:41

You're welcome!  ;)

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