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Question about humans pics?

Published: 10/08/2018 09:48

Just yesterday, I reuploaded some of my best pics in my gallery. Old pics as recent pics.

As I'm essentially drawing dragons AND humans, I wanted to know if humans were allowed to submit in this website. So, I first read the "acceptable upload policy", and I read nothing against humans pics.

Then, I come to the "submissions on furrific" and search for humans. I saw drawings of humans, some of them were SFW, some others NSFW. So I'm thinking "Ok, it must be allowed".

Then, I start uploading 2 references of 2 of my human characters: Kawa and Dern. You can see by the way the characters listed in my "characters" topic. One was rated as mature, because of the nudity of Kawa, the other was rated as tame (SFW).

However, I come back today and... WTF!?

Everything is still in my gallery, except for the references of my human characters.

It was... deleted, I guess, without I receive any notification, while older pics of humans posted by other artists in the website are still there.

So... what happens?

Are humans pics finally not allowed despite it's not mentioned anywhere (and despite the fact we CAN select the "human" species when we upload a drawing) and some pics slip through the review though, I'm just out of luck?

Or did something wrong happen and my drawings should still be there?

I feel quite confused now... >.<

Can someone explain me?

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  • Published: 10/08/2018 09:48
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