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♪ ♫  Welcome to my art  ♫ ♪

 About Me 

  Alexa [Alex; Lexie] || Fayelah [Faye; FayFay]  
Female ♀ | 18 | Leo ♌ | Student | Germany | Taken since 23rd August 2012 

 About Arts 

Commissions: OPEN
Requests: Never
Trades: Never tried yet, might be open for it.
Collabs: Never tried yet either, might be open for it, too.

  I'm using my Wacom Fun Pen & Touch S on Paint Tool SAI and trying to learn Photoshop CS6!  

 Other Stuff 

My PayPal: || Furaffinity: LadyLae

Accepting tips, too!


Working on:
Imogen (Portrait)

Hatsuyuki (Portrait)
Lillian (Refsheet)
Nobe (Stuff)
Bravo (Sketch)


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Bugs? Can't few my nsfw pics..

So I still have to upload quiiiite a lot and the fact that I don't see any of my nsfw pictures in my own gallery, though they got faved already, is quite bothering.. I lost track on which picture I uploaded and which not! Is it only me or does anybody else have this problems? My filter is set to ...
21/07/2015 09:52