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once a hood in the streets, the young dragon was caught up in smoking, drinking and beating up random people that even took the time to say "hi", all starting at the age of 14. Ryu wasn't the smartest of kids but sure knew how to throw a punch, ensuring him to be the leader of the gang he saw as family. the kids that made this gang were as bad as he was, maybe even a little bit worse. you see, though Ryu beat anyone in his way, he always hesitated before making a move. the gang were different as they would knuckle up at even the mention of a fight. one day, while sitting by an oriental martial arts dojo, the gang was beginning there operations of selling home grown weed. the smell intoxicated the young dragon of age 17 but the bliss of herbal highs was interrupted by the shouts and screams coming from the dojo but it didn't stop his and the crew of street crawlers that he knew as family wanting to kick the ass of whoever stopped there altering of minds. the doors swung open and made an almighty bang against the frame and the gang walked in with Ryu leading front and centre. the master of the dojo, a middle aged man with a white gi had stopped them at the door and asked if they were looking to learn self defence. the master himself looked different to the other teachers and students in many ways such as that while all but a few wore a shirt under there gi, the master was bare chested under it. the master also had no patches or name tags on his uniform but even  the highest students were even as they speak, showing off there badges and ranks on there belts. his belt looked tattered and ragged, the black being more patchy if anything and the edges all but coming off, every other belt, even the ones on the walls looked crisp and new, just like they were made yesterday. truly, this was a master who respected the old ways and for that, was happy to show it to anyone interested enough to listen and learn. as soon as the master asked his kindly asked question, the gang wasn't taking kindness as an option and quickly turned violent against the whole class. hooded kids against the skilled in training was about to transpire but Ryu was almost in a daze with the place. the trophies, the belts hung up, the sparring gear on sale at the end of the training ground, it all seemed amazing to him. he never knew why though.... almost like.... this is what his heritage was all about. Ryu's family was just like any other scummy family out there but he always knew his descended from the lands of the east, the era of ninjas, samurai and ronin alike. the heritage was all but watered down now, no one, even himself could tell the difference between him and any other fur out in the western world. the master noticed though, he saw the same gaze that even he had at that age, something magic indeed was afoot. the gang of kids swung out there switchblades and knuckledusters to intimidate and otherwise lessen the martial arts practitioners wills. even as they shouted there brash and crude words, the members of the dojo was fairly easily able to defend themselves but not skilled enough to hold them back for long. the master stood in to finish what they couldn't and whistled them over, hoping his rightfully bad attitude would tempt them all over. as anyone could of guessed, the master was surrounded and taking the very swings and punches that the students would of experienced but something amazing happened, he stood his ground and dodged every single attack. Ryu looked on with a stunned look. this was power?.... you don't need to go guns blazing to be the best?.... why? how? this was the one thing he needed to know. every time the gang tried there best and swung there weapons with all there might, the master took his chance to take down the misguided fools but it wasn't an attack that lead to there demise, more like using there own force to turn them face first to the matted floor. there was no use in fighting as the master won this battle as soon as he decided that he need not use anger and obsession to fight.... like a true martial artist. it was Ryu's turn to take a punch at him but an internal struggle faced him, fight the man showing him a new way of life? or go against the people who made him leader to there family? no, no, no, this wasn't a leadership, this was fear for the strongest, this was the ideal of putting the human weapon as the one to take the blame. maybe it wasn't too late for them, perhaps the ones he knew as friends could be redeemed too? taking a stance and a voice only a leader could give, Ryu ordered the misguided souls to stand down and leave this place with him but all that could be heard was snickering and laughs, his own family calling there leader "an idiot" and "the class fool". it was too late for them.... there was no redemption for the gang... no more family... it was clear on what should be done. taking a fighting stance beside the master and giving the middle aged man a cheeky wink, they stood ready for attack. Ryu's stance being loose and menacing while the master took a position that oozed courage and pride. they came all at once but the two alone had a fighting chance now of finishing this, for tonight was the deciding war to prove the dominance of a fearful group or the ideals twin souls shared for a better life. swinging there weapons in a bid to damage or even kill was the name of the game and these fools had way too much time to practice there craft but never once did the dragon give in, even when being cut to what seemed like the very core of his body. one after one though, the gang was laid to waste to from the very force they saw as weak with Ryu leading the charge and the master thinning out the numbers, every time the master would disable the strength of the individual was Ryu's chance to finish the job with one big swoop. eventually, the misfits of society were laid to waste on the now bloodied mats of the training grounds and the two fighters were left standing for the warriors in training to awe and mesmerize at. Ryu, being as sorry as he was for starting this trouble, looked at what seemed like the master but his face was unlike before. it was filled with hate and little much else, the friendly smile no more, not even the brave expression of battle would be traceable. Ryu knew he had done wrong and hung his hood in shame before saying of how he just wanted a better life, the face of the master still unmoving. the dojo owner raised his hand high, high enough to cast a shadow across the now sobbing former leader. he prepared for his well deserved punishment, cringed for what was to come next and..... he felt a hand on his shoulder. what? what was happening? it turns out that as Ryu looked up at the master, his look changed so much. no longer vengeful, there was happiness, calm, even a hint of.... pride. pride for him. all that could be heard now was the tears falling of the boy, the words of thanks from the teacher and the cheers growing from the relieved students. his words are as followed: "what you have sacrificed for this place is the first step to your destiny". a year later, the boy that once stood there was now a fighting machine on his way to the sort after black belt. the hood that adorned his head was gone and now in its place was a vest with the dojo logo covering his back. truly this young man was quite the change for a years past. every student took onto there knees and the master watching from his table in the back but the thing to look at was Ryu showing off the reason he deserved the chance he has been given. the punches that could come from any back ally fight were now crisp, clean and filled with the speed and power only dedicated training could deliver, kicks that shown great height and length, yoga masters being the only ones to match this astounding feat of flexibility. a few jumping kicks here, a dose of board breaking here and to top it off, the sparring of anyone brave enough to face him was enough to wow the audience with visible expressions of admiration. the grading was over and Ryu took to his knees, butterflies fluttering in his stomach while the master took a stand in front of the nervous student. one smirk from the teacher was all it took to fill Ryu with pride and jump for joy. he had finally done it, he had shown why he deserved his black belt but a lesson was to be told to this now proven warrior. in the masters words: "even though you are now a black belt, never forget how you became a white belt in the first place". smiles were exchanged, tears shed and the day Ryu has awaited for so long has come to an end.

Favourite Color


no job as of yet. gets the odd bit of money from street fights and being a training partner but not much else in the way of occupation. helps for free with his master and sensei/sifu at his dojo.


5'9 Meters · 16 Feet, 4.85 Inches


75Kg · 11 Stone, 11.34 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type

in shape


between athletic and muscular

Extra Attributes

has no wings, has a tail that reaches to his ankles, short horns on the top of his head in a slick back manner, smooth scales, a nose shorter than the average dragon and no teeth showing from his lips.

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a low life in the beginning, a fighter till the end. what's next for this oriental dragon on his way to self discovery? lets find out together!~

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  • 21


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must be open to sexuality and close romance,  optional to be open to an rp involving martial arts and street fighter/dead or alive style plots