Alfie Davis the Dragon is feeling Nerdy

HEY GUYS! I don't really know what to say but... I hope you like my stuff and id love to discuss and talk about furs or rp's anytime ^^ OH! if anyone wants to make some art for my profile pic or my furs, id be SUPER thankful! ♥ im up for chatting with anyone about anything so don't be afraid to leave a comment or a message, ill reply when im here~


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Ryu Ban Jann

Male · Dragon · Pansexual · Sagittarius
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Nicknames Ryu, Biohazard, sakura
a low life in the beginning, a fighter till the end. what's next for this oriental dragon on his ...
01/12/2016 03:31


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Lee Anders

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Bran posted to Alfie Davis

09/12/2016 20:14

Hiya! Welcome to furiffic and the roleplay group c: If you need anything, dont hesitate to ask ♥

Alfie Davis posted

04/12/2016 06:10

are you more humanoid or animal? lets here it~

Floyd Filly posted to Alfie Davis

04/12/2016 00:24

Thank you For subscribing! :)

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 02:58

I sadly can't use Facebook because I'm only 12 years old. Sad. I know. Mom or Thea are the only people who can use it.

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 03:01

aaawww... but you seem really cool....

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 03:03

I know, right? With this picture icon I made on deviantart...

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 03:08

only wish I had ANY pic for my dragon XD

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 03:09

I'll try to make that. If I could. You want that or no?

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 03:29

well I woudnt say no :3

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 03:32

(Winks and smiles) okay then.

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 03:34

do you need any information about him?

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 03:58


Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 06:05

ll a lot of info on him is in my character profile 'ryu ban jann' but mostly, id just like him to be more anthro than animal. he usually wears sleeveless hoodies where it shows his chest and abs, leather fingerless gloves, loose jeans and sneakers. no hair but has 3 horns on both sides of his head. they get smaller to bigger going up but there still stubby. hope it helps ^^

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 16:06

Oh, okay! It helps.

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 18:06

again, I hope im not bothering you with this

Floyd Filly · 04/12/2016 21:12

You're not bothering me. It's all good, dude.

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 23:38

thankies :3

Floyd Filly · 06/12/2016 00:08

You're welcome.

Alfie Davis posted

03/12/2016 21:49

well that's ONE fursona done, who things I should make another? :3