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Ever since Ark was 8 years old, his father has abused him. He started cutting his arms when he was 12 because that's when his father pushed the abuse. His twin little sisters, Nova and Nebula, look up to Ark. Ark's little brother, Ares, named after the Greek god of destruction, tries to help their mom make Ark's life better. He is 16 years old, single, and has only 1 friend, who also tries to help him through the abuse. His friends name is Skylar. She is a cat, and Ark's best friend. They have been friends since Kindegarten. Everytime, Skylar sees a new cut on Ark's arms, she give him a hug, cries, and begs him to stop. Ark has attempted to commit suicide 4 times, but Skylar always walks in to stop him. He's tried to hang himself, jump off of the school head first, stab himself in the heart with a kitchen knife, and drown himself in a pool. His DOB is December 27, 2003.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


62.1Kg · 9 Stone, 10.9 Pound

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Stronger than he looks

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Ark has emerald green eyes, gray fur and black hands/paws. He wears a cobalt blue hoodie, a white shirt with a print of the cyan crewmate from Among Us, and light blue jeans. His hair is black and it fades into cyan.

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I enjoy doing role plays. Invite me to do a role play and I'll join...eventually, but I'll be there.