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Hello! So this is being fully updated here from the old description I gave, like I said I'm going to try to be a lot more active here so this will be the start of it!

NAME: Jethro/Alpha(You guys can call me either one)

AGE: 19(Almost 20..oh no)

GENDER: Don't touch me there! That's my no no square!

OTHER ACCOUNTS: Alpha_YellaWolf(FA)/AlphaYellaWolf(DA)/AlphaYellaWolf(TUMBLR)/JethroCorgsky(Steam)/JethroCorgsky(Xbox LIVE)

FROM: United States, Ohio...we got corn for days

MAINS: Alpha(German Shepherd, very bright much color wow), NewDog(German Shepherd,very special character, based off old imaginary friend), Jethro(Corgi Husky mixed breed, Corgsky go derp derp), Zombie(Maned Wolf, my precious baby, if you don't like him well fite mi...jk don't, I'm small and you'd probably win), Kayto(Black Wolf, he's black and red because I'm edgy, I got on without permission once), Eric(Maned Wolf, he's my newest baby and he's so blue!)

Now that the basic stuff is out of the way I'm going to say a little bit of what I will be doing here, I plan to use this account to post gifts I get from friends, art I commission, freebies I get(I have so many and it makes me feel so bad), possibly my own art(Not really, I won't make you guys suffer through that) and maybe my stories. I'll also post random edits I do of my friend's characters and of mine, I edit in so they aren't that great but I like them. Probably will post things I get off Amazon sometimes but most likely won't unless a few people ask to see it. YOU CAN'T AVOID MY CAT, I WILL POST SOME THINGS OF MY CAT...maybe.

Stuff about me I didn't already say:

I love animals, you hurt an animal and I will fight you.

Video games are my depression and anger therapy, if you try to join me in a game and I don't answer, one of those is most likely the reason,or my dad is playing MineCraft with me on my Xbox.

My cat was a stray, you may see pictures of her outside, I plan to eventually get her a harness and lead so she can go out to play safely.

Shows I like:
Steven Universe- Ruby, Peridot and Amethyst are my favorites. Greg is my favorite human character, he reminds me of my real dad.

Avatar The Last Airbender- Everything about this show(EXCEPT THE MOVIE, THAT WAS GARBAGE) is great and it's very well written and put together.

Gravity Falls: Grunkles! Grunkles everywhere! Also, I do have a Dipper hat(Trash fur is trash) 

Invader Zim: Very weird show that I need to rewatch eventually but probably never will

Favorite animals:




Ducks(Fite mi)


I tried to sound serious and failed...... FITE MI(JK DO NOT CAUSE I'M SMALL)


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10/04/2017 14:36

Jethro Theft Update

He lied to me! He gave Chase and Emma a fake name..he didn't buy Jethro from someone, he straight stole him. The name he gave comes up nowhere! I'm so pissed off, he probably sold him to someone for 5 bitcoins! Jethro is mine! I never gave up ownership to anyone else! JETHRO CORGSKY BELONGS TO M...
19/06/2016 01:20


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