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Artist Type: Digital Artist

[center][Who is Flick]
[ Male - 22 - Digital Artist/Vector/Transformation/Smut ]

[What I draw]
Transformation, Furries, and Lewds. Oh my! Will try to go for other creatures as well like pokemon, mystical creatures. and hopefully some ReLegend.

Check out my [url=Twitter]Twitter[/url]]]Twitter[/url][/url][/url]!
Not much smut, I post things for TFTuesday.

[About me]
For the people who want to know me without asking.
I'm a meme type of guy, I find things entertaining like how a cat would. Dumb humor is my sort of thing.
I'm best with one on one conversations, great way to get to know the person. I don't mind if you send me a note, meeting new people to chat with can be fun as long as it is not a request.

[What I use for drawing]
Strictly one program: Clip Studio Paint, cell shading is fun in here.



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