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Ayooo! Greetings!

I am a published author and an artist. I currently have three novels, two short stories, and an art book that have been self-published through CreateSpace. They are currently available in print in the CreateSpace eStore and on Amazon, which also has a version for Kindle. The titles available now are:


"Family Tails - The Story of a Mixed Family in the Genetic Age", published May 3, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1505637694

"Tangled Vines", published October 12, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1978085374

"Daggers of Darkness": #1 - "Into the Black", published October 28, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1979233446

Short Stories

"The Changed One", published March 2, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-1508650072

"The Little Mouse and The Old Wolf", published May 25, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1546749479

Art Books

"The Art of Tangled Vines", published October 11, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1978178397

My other book projects are: 

"The Sacrifice for Peace"

Vol-1, "The Gathering" (no relation with the card game) -- it's in the final editing process

Vol-2, "The Awakening" -- have the first chapter written

Vol-3, "Dahmi's Legacy" -- to be announced

"Daggers of Darkness", book #2, "The Heart of Élendor", is in progress.

I have lots of traditional artwork, most are related to my stories--character portraits and scenes. I do not draw or write porn of any kind (perhaps a tasteful nude or near nude, here and there), and most of my artwork is done in mechanical pencil, though I have been making an increasing number of drawings in color. I typically list in the Description field what I used to draw each piece when I post the picture, in case anyone might be interested. I prefer to buck the trend in the fandom and write clean stories. ^.^

A word about comments. I appreciate polite comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism. If someone just wants to post something to be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, then I'll delete the offending comment. I know that no one can please everyone every time, and I know that my art and stories won't appeal to everyone. All that I ask is that if you do choose to leave a comment, please keep it civil, okay? :)

I have a Patreon account if anybody would like to donate a bit. 
I also accept donations and payments via PayPal (send me a personal message for details).
I can be found on Facebook
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Just a little bit about myself:

I'm 58 years old, born and raised in the Midwest, USA. I served my country honorably in the U.S. Navy and have been to many places in the world. My hobbies include cooking, listening to music (mostly Celtic, '50's-'70's Rock-n-Roll, Classical, light jazz, and world music). I have fair skill at leather working, enjoy hiking and backpacking, canoeing, cycling, and walking. I'm single, unattached, and "straight", I live alone, and trying to get my tail to Alaska. Although my background is in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, I write stories that may have humans, G.E.L.F.s (Genetically Engineered Life Form), various four-footed or winged animals, and aliens. My stories tend to be love stories that may be some combination of action, adventure, drama, mysticism, sci-fi, alternate reality, folk tale, and heroic fantasy.


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If anyone would like a print of my artwork, I charge $3.00 USD for within the U.S. -- that covers the cost of the laser print, sheet protector, mailer, and postage. Outside of the U.S., I'll have to add on whatever extra it takes in shipping costs to get it to your country. Send me a personal mes...
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About My Stories

Hey folks, Here's a little about each of my published and upcoming stories. The novels all take place in the same alternate reality within our universe. The Sacrifice for Peace (trilogy): This story is about Mist Runner, an immortal anthro-wolf being whose parents are First Ones (pan-dimension...
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