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This is Kurietta, she is a Skunatii female of the world of Y'Nahra. Kurietta is the older sister of Meri, and the mate of Grimm Tooth. Kurietta is 30 yrs old, 5 ft 6 in tall, weighs 126 lbs, has pale blue eyes, and her fur is black with white. Kurietta is a tribal dancer (hers is a style that is a mix of exotic/Hawaiian hula/belly dance/martial art). Kurietta first met Grimm Tooth and Mist Runner 10,000 years in the past when the two were on one of their "wanderings" and happened upon her village during a celebration. Grimm and Mist Runner watched Kuri dance, and of course she saw them at the back of the crowd (hard to miss a couple of guys who are 2-3 feet taller than her own people!), so when her performance was over, she marched right up to them and introduced herself. Kurietta has a bold, determined, and adventurous personality. She can be happy-go-lucky, playfully sensual, or rather feisty (if she gets a burr up her tail over something). Like all of her people, Kurietta tends to have a sweet tooth, and loves berries or anything else that is sweet. The Skunatii are not generally known to go off exploring too far, though they can be intensely curious about things. Kurietta shocked her family when she decided to join Mist Runner and Grimm Tooth on their wandering, and she was gone for a period of seven years with them. During that time, she fell in love with Grimm (and secretly with Mist Runner, though he buried his own feeling for her and backed off). Grimm's mother, who is, among other things, a "seer" and she foresaw what would happen to Kurietta so she wove a powerful spell-prayer to bind Kurietta and Grimm tooth together in such a way that as long as one lives, the other can be brought back. When the three returned to her village, a huge flash flood destroyed the settlement one night and while helping to get others to higher ground, Kurietta was swept off her feet. Grimm jumped into the icy water to save her, as did Mist Runner, but something hit her and Grimm in the water, severely injuring Grimm and taking her away. Mist Runner was only able to save Grimm, and was able to heal his wounds, but they never found any trace of Kurietta. It's a sad tale, but it does have an eventual happy ending. When the book is finished editing and made available, you can read about it in Chapter 6, "A Timeless Love".

The character Kurietta, and also Grimm Tooth, Mist Runner, etc, are (c) 2011-2016 Ronald J. Lebeck

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