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NOTE: Updated 2018-05-14 with better color and eye detail!

From my novel series, "Daggers of Darkness":

This is Chief Warrant Officer-2 Sonya Redhill, the Weapons Officer aboard the S.F.S. Nightwing, SLG-78.

Sonya is a puma G.E.L.F., she is 5' 9" tall, muscular build, her fur is normal colors for a puma, though her shoulder-length long fur-hair is black. She tends to be impulsive, and is a "head-banging, balls-to-the-wall, gotta-have-it-now" woman who tends to like the ladies more than the guys. Sonya's current love interest is EW-2 Cara Bronski (one of her human shipmates), though she does seem to like GMM-1 Ivor McElroy (pronounced "mick EL-roy"), a fox male from the Scottish highlands of Earth -- who is, by the way, the current interest of CWO-3 Sylvia Stewert, who she shares a stateroom with. Sonya is not shy in the least, and if she wants something (or someone) she'll not hesitate to go for it.

As the Weapons Officer on Nightwing, It's Sonya's job to keep the ship's weapons systems operational and accurate. Her Gunner's Mate, Ivor McElroy, often finds himself getting cornered by his immediate superior and usually ends up giving in to her needs. At least she knows that he's a "good shot" (pun intended). Sonya's full of surprises, and she is one lusty gal with a voracious appetite for sex and things that go "boom".

I've tried getting Sonya to pose more appropriately (not an easy task) while sitting in a weapons bay on the ship. There's almost always a glint of mischief in her eyes. ;) NEW: additional coloring and eye details applied using Pixlr online image editor.

Art, character, story © 2014-2017 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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