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Daggers of Darkness, Book 1, Into the Black

This is Chief Warrant Officer-3 Sylvia Stewert, she is the Communications Officer onboard the S.F.S. (Sol Federation Ship) Nightwing, SLG-78 (Scout, Long-range, Gun).

Sylvia is a bat G.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Form), and she's a real charmer. Underneath the sweet, gentle, and oh-so-sexy surface is a tough, highly-trained, Special Warfare operator. Sylvia can charm the socks off of anyone, though she's highly selective as to who she'll allow to get close. Her main love interest in the story, "Daggers of Darkness", is Ivor McElroy (she pronounces it "mick-EL-roy"), a Gunner's Mate Petty Officer First Class, who hails from the Scottish Highlands on Earth.

Sylvia has light brown fur, hazel eyes, stands about 5' 4" (at the top of her head, not the tip of her ears), and weighs about 120 lbs or so. She has a very long and agile tongue that, when she eats an ice cream cone, is enough to make nearly anyone with a pulse to cream their underwear (she also has a nack for picking individual ice cubes out of a long glass and putting one in her mouth to suck on, in full view of others). When she's not wearing her black with blue piping Scout Ship uniform, or her camies, Sylvia loves dressing to the hilt and being charmingly seductive. She's a qualified Expert Marksman with the MK-6a Multi-Phasic, Pumped Plasma, Assault Rifle -- standard issue for SpecWar operators, a Black Belt in two different martial arts, and a wicked 130 dB ultrasonic "scream" that is excruciatingly painful to most species (the Zadori, an insect-like race, fear it greatly).

According to the storyline, only the first few productions of bat G.E.L.F.s had wings, all successive "generations" were given "normal" arms, hands, legs, and feet, so that they could be more productive, walk and run efficiently, and less fragile.

Characters and story (c) 2013 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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